The best time to go to the Maldives

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The best time to visit Maldives

Maldives is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and it consists of one thousand two hundred small coral islands, and is famous for its charming natural beauty that attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world, where they accept to visit the islands during the months of December and April, that is, when the climate is suitable to enjoy the various activities in the air It is noteworthy that the Maldives enjoys a tropical climate and moderate temperatures, which range at a rate of 26.6 degrees Celsius. It is also famous for the sea breeze that increases the beauty of the atmosphere, in addition to the fact that the southwest monsoon is active in it. The accompanying rainfall, especially between the months of April and October.

Tourist areas in the Maldives

There are many places to go in the Maldives, including:

The city of Mali

The city of Mali is located on the island of Mali, which is the capital of the Maldives, which attracts many tourists to enjoy the tropical island, luxury hotels, and stunning views of the Indian Ocean. You can also visit many cultural sites rich in the history of the island, and the most important of them are:

  • the National Museum: The National Museum is a short distance from the National Art Gallery, and the museum was opened in 1952 by the first president of the Maldives, Mohamed Amin Didi, and reopened in 2010, and contains many historical artifacts.
  • National Art Gallery: The government of the Maldives opened the exhibition in 2005, which contains the works of twenty-nine painters from the Maldives, in response to the lack of sites displaying Maldivian arts and culture.
  • Great Friday Mosque: The Friday Mosque is located within the territory of the Islamic Center, and it is the largest mosque in the Maldives, where it can accommodate more than five thousand people. This mosque is famous for the large golden dome, high-rise minarets, and wood carvings written in Arabic lines that decorate the inner walls.

Fumlek Island

Fumulk Island is located in the Maldives and is the most beautiful island in the republic, as it has many beaches, lakes, wetlands, and forests that attract tourists, and it contains many types of birds and local fish that can be seen, including waterfowl, and local fish known On behalf of Kattelhi.

Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island is known as an artificial island, inhabited by approximately 2,666 people, and this island has been reclaimed to serve the increasing housing requirements in the capital, Mali, where it continued from 1997 AD to 2002 AD, and tourism is one of the growing industries in the island where there is its own berth , And many guest houses.


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