The best time to travel to Georgia

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Travel times to Georgia

Georgia is considered a suitable tourist destination for all days of the year, as it is indicated that the beginning and end of summer is one of the best times to travel to, as the mid-summer is hot and humid, and although the weather of the beaches of Georgia is semi-tropical, the mountain heights are characterized by a great demand for them, as they enjoy a climate It is sunny and cold. It is also recommended that ski lovers visit the Caucasus Mountains at the beginning of November, due to snowfall and the possibility of skiing.

Climate of Georgia

Georgia is distinguished by its varied climate, due to the presence of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea in it, as every season is distinguished by special features, as the spring is mild and sunny, and some days of the month of April witness the fall of rain, while the summer season is characterized by intense heat, especially in the capital, While autumn is similar to spring, it is cooler than it, and snow falls in the winter throughout the country with the exception of the Tbilisi region.

Tourist places in Georgia

The country of Georgia contains many places that are recommended to visit, including the following:

  • The ancient city of the capital, Tbilisi: This city offers a glimpse into Georgia’s history and includes many ancient churches, restaurants, shops, museums, and art galleries.
  • Mtskheta: (English: Mtskheta) contains many important historical sites, and it contains the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox Church, and sites dedicated to UNESCO, and from these sites the following:
    • Svetiskhoveli Cathedral (Svetiskhoveli) was built in 1010 AD and is one of the sacred sites.
    • Jvari Monastery: Its construction dates back to the sixth century.
    • Samtavaro Monastery: It dates back to the fourth century and is a place of rulers.
    • Bebris Tsikhe is the ruins of an ancient castle.
  • Kutaisi: One of the important Georgian cities.
  • Cave cities and ski resorts: Examples include Mestia and Svaneti.
  • Beach resorts: It is numerous and is found along the Black Sea.


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