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Malaysia is located in the southeast of the continent of Asia, and includes thirteen states and three federal regions, with an estimated area of ​​329,845 square kilometers, and its capital is Kuala Lumpur, and the seat of its federal government is Putrajaya, the population of which exceeds thirty million, and passes the South China Sea from the state to divide it into Semi-Malaysian tribute and Malaysian Borneo, and the Malaysian state is bordered by Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei, and the climate of Malaysia is a tropical climate because of its proximity to the equator, and its president is King Yang de Bertuan Agung. Malaysia witnessed in the twentieth century Because the Strait of Malacca borders it, which is one of the most important marine navigation methods, and industries in it have developed remarkably, Malaysia has joined the eight developing Islamic countries, and it is considered one of the beautiful tourist areas, where the number of visitors increases day by day, and we will talk in this article Of the times when I would prefer to visit Malaysia …

The best time to travel to Malaysia

The 6, 7, 8 and even fair 9 months are the best times to visit Malaysia, but the best is 7 months, where the weather is convenient for travel, and prices are appropriate in all aspects of travel, such as tickets, hotels, purposes, tourism, touring, etc., and the reason for that is that a month Ramadan comes after it, in which trips are less due to fasting, and travel companies to Malaysia explain their prices in all seasons, so that the traveler is aware before taking any travel step, and travelers are advised to book hotels with a fixed price, i.e. that are not affected by seasons. Change it and flip it over

Tourist places in Malaysia

There are many cities and sites that can be visited during the period of tourism in Malaysia, including:

  • Selangor StateIt is the state in which Kuala Lumpur Airport is located, and it is preferable to stay in it even if only a little, as it has many famous hotels such as: Sunway Lagoon Hotel, Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Golden Horse Hotel, Sheraton Subang Hotel, Shangri-La Potra Jaya Hotel, and the choice of the hotel depends on the amounts that The traveler allocates them to this, as prices range from hotel to hotel.
  • Langkawi Island: It is a beautiful and quiet island, an hour away by Kuala Lumpur by plane, and considered one of the places suitable for honeymooning, for its calmness and splendor of its water and hotels overlooking the water.
  • Penang Island: It is an island close to the island of Langkawi, and the islands that its visitors have enjoyed, and among the famous hotels close to the night markets in Penang, and these hotels are Park Royal Penang Hotel, Holiday Inn Penang Hotel, and Golden Sands Hotel.

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