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The best time to visit Singapore

The best time to travel to Singapore is during the summer months, that is, the months of June, July, and August to take advantage of the dry weather in it, and determining the best time to travel to Singapore depends on the activities you want to participate in or watch; the time of your visit varies when you want to participate in festivals that It takes place at the time of her visit when she wants to avoid crowds and congestion, and since Singapore is only one degree away from the equator, this means that there are no four distinct seasons in it. The hot and humid weather does not play a fundamental role in determining the best time to travel to, while this is determined Presence of festivals, and events Yad patriotism, and the cuts that are held there.

The best way to travel to Singapore

There are many means available to tourists that can be used to reach Singapore, as follows:

  • The plane: As it is one of the easiest ways to reach Singapore, there are a large number of airlines that operate flights towards Singapore, and the airports are subject to good management, and various transport links link it to the city center.
  • Bus: The bus can be used to travel to Singapore from both Malaysia and Thailand, where the country has more than 25 routes for these buses.
  • The Car: Woodland Bridge stretches across the Johor Strait and connects Singapore to Johor Bahru in Malaysia, where cars are allowed to cross this bridge for a specified fee.
  • Ships and ferries: Ships are used to reach Singapore by sea, as the main port of Singapore provides regular flights throughout the year that dock in Asia and the Pacific, as well as daily ferry trips to resorts on the islands of Indonesia.

Exploiting rainy days in Singapore

The average rainfall in Singapore is estimated at 178 days, that is, an average of one rainy day every two days each year. Rainy days can be used to visit shopping malls, local markets, in-house restaurants, and museums with world-class levels.

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