The best time to travel to Turkey

المسافرون العرب

The best time to travel to Turkey

Most tourists prefer to visit Turkey in the months of April and May, or in the middle of September and October, as these periods are characterized by moderate temperatures and a decrease in the rates of congestion in the tourist areas in the country, while July, August and the beginnings of September are among the best times to visit their beaches However, prices will be high during this period, as well as the coastal areas congestion in it, but during the winter the majority of Turkish coastal cities will be closed except for the New Year holidays and glorious Christmas.

The best way to travel to Turkey

There are many methods that can be used to travel to Turkey, including:

  • The Plane: Flights to Turkey start from many European, Asian, and African countries, as well as from North America.
  • the train: The train trip between Europe and Turkey takes a lot of time, and it can be uncomfortable at times, and it is preferable to take food during the trip because of the lack of food compartments on trains.
  • The bus: Turkey can be reached by bus available in Iran, Syria, Greece, Romenia and Bulgaria, knowing that the journey takes from Iran to Turkey two days by bus.
  • The Car: Private cars are allowed to enter Turkey on condition of obtaining a prior permit, and providing all necessary and related documents.
  • The boat: Boats are used to move from the Greek islands to Turkey.

The best tourist places in Turkey

There are many tourist places that can be visited in Turkey, including:

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  • How Hassan: It is a small city located along the Tigris River, and contains many beautiful ancient ruins, which date back to the period of Articalism, and that existed there before the flood of the dam.
  • Safranbolu City: This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is well known for its well-preserved Ottoman architectural style and architecture to date.
  • Hagia Sophia Museum: The Hagia Sophia Museum is very popular, as it was a Greek Orthodox Patriarchal Church before it was converted into a museum.

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