The best time to travel to Turkey

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Turkey is distinguished by its strategic location, as it is located between the continents of Asia and Europe in the Middle East, and shares its borders with the Black Sea, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, and its capital, Ankara, and is described as a secular, democratic country with a republican nature, with an area of ​​approximately 700 thousand square kilometers And its population, according to a recent statistic, was about 70 million.

Terrain and climate

Turkey is surrounded by its three sides, the Aegean seas from the western part, the Black Sea in the north, and the Mediterranean White Sea from the south, in addition to the Marmara Sea in the northwest of the country, and Turkey is characterized by its scenic landscapes such as waterfalls, mountains, green coastal areas, etc.
Turkey’s climate is distinguished by the Mediterranean climate, that is, the coastal climate, due to its supervision over the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, so its summers are hot and dry, and winters are mildly cold and sometimes very cold, as it rains, which ranges from a few to very large in some areas, and falls on them Snow is also relatively.


Tourism is an important foundation of the economy in Turkey, which is beneficial to the gross national product of great benefit, as it is a very important source of income, and manpower is occupied in various tourism facilities, in addition to tourism industries and others, and it is considered a special Turkish in our time. An important tourist destination that attracts millions around the world, and who offer it to enjoy its beautiful climate, topography, culture and effects, as well as airports and various means of transportation are available in it, which helps tourists to freedom of movement and movement and does not constitute an obstacle in front of them, and the presence of facilities Various tourist such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and others to make the country’s attention to the people hy everywhere.

Tourist areas

Istanbul is considered to be of historical value, and its economic, commercial and cultural position and its containment of tourist areas made things that made it of great tourist importance, and among the tourist places are the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the covered market, the Bosphorus Bridge and others, in addition to Antalya and has restaurants overlooking the sea, waterfalls, cafes and beaches.

Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to a place requires knowing all the details that facilitate this matter, and likewise the case for Turkey, the person must follow up his affairs with the tourist office that he joined, when traveling to Turkey, the nationality of the traveler is the one that plays a role in the conditions of travel, and in general tourists get On exit and entry visas that include multiple trips and have a duration of three months, valued at US $ 15, the passport must be validated for a period of six months, but the traveler can obtain a visa for multiple trips that extend for several years, but they are very expensive.

The best time to travel to Turkey

The best times to visit Turkey are the spring and autumn seasons due to the presence of discounts and discounts on different goods, as the weather is moderate and the temperatures are suitable for everyone and for the practice of different activities, and it is not preferable to travel in the summer due to its high temperature and dryness, but in winter the heat is cold, it is not suitable for that Most of the tourists.


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