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The best time to travel to Zell am See

Best times to travel to Zell am See

The period from May 21 to September 16 is the best time to visit Zell am See, where temperatures and humidity are appropriate to visit the country. It is worth noting that the average temperatures in Zell am See differ radically, as the humidity cools the temperatures during the half year And the opportunity is good for rain, and in July, August, and June the country’s temperature rises, and in mid-July the temperatures are the warmest in Zell am See, where it reaches 26.2 ° C, and rarely falls below 13.5 ° C at night .
It is noteworthy that the city can be visited in the summer and winter months. During the warm summer months, some long-distance hiking trails are available, and these paths are interrupted with stunning views.

Traveling to Zell am See

Every year, Zell am See sees more than a million tourists from all countries of the world, as the city is distinguished by many things that encourage travel to it, including: Lake Zeller See, which is a lake that contains many chalets, and the peaks covered with snow It also offers the possibility of many activities, such as: diving in the lake, hiking, skiing on icebergs, and driving on the Grossglockner Road.

The city of Zell am See

Zell am See is a winter and summer tourist resort at the foot of Mount Schmitten Hoh, which is 1,965 meters high. It is located in the west of central Austria on the western shore of Lake Zell. It was established by monks in the eighth century, and it is considered one of the places that attract tourists, because it contains many distinct places, including: an ancient Gothic church for the parish built in the Roman style, and the Renaissance castle, it is worth noting that the city is considered as a shopping center, and providing services to remote rural areas.

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