The best time to visit Norway in the year

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In this article, we will provide information that helps the reader to choose the best time to visit Norway, as Norway is located in the western part of Europe, one of the best places that contain wonderful tourist attractions, and there are those who prefer to go and spend vacation times in them, but he does not know what are the appropriate times To visit it, and every time it has its advantages and disadvantages, and the visitor chooses what suits him, which we will explain through the following lines in the Arab travelers.

The best time to visit Norway

The months of June and July

Dear reader, if you are a fan of a wonderful summer vacation in Norway, you can go to it during the months of June and July, where the weather is characterized by a tendency to warm, and this time represents a tourist peak, during these two months the percentage of tourism there increases greatly, and all attractions are opened Tourist, and visitors can spend wonderful times amid the scenic landscapes, swimming and various beach activities. The Oslo Strait is also filled with small boats that are chartered for hiking during this time.

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May and September

And for lovers to spend their holidays in Norway away from the crowds and at the lowest prices and in a highly moderate atmosphere, they can go to them in the months of May and September, where they can see all the attractions, as well as outdoor activities, and enjoy sitting in the beautiful islands.


This is one of the coldest months in Norway, and it is the cheapest in terms of cost, as it comes after the end of summer and before the arrival of the ski season.

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Cold months

The months that come after September and before May are called the cold months, where tourism witnesses a very weak turnout, and the prices of hotels and flights reach their lowest levels, because the weather there is cool and dark during that period, and if you are a fan of skiing You can go there especially in February, because the snow at this time is more intense, and this season is witnessing the establishment of distinct glacial festivals.

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