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The country of Turkey occupies a strategic position in the Middle East, as it mediates the two continents of Asia and Europe, with an area of ​​78,3562 square kilometers. In its development, however, Turkey reached the peak of its prosperity and development over the time of the Ottomans, who took it as the center of their state and caliphate.
Turkish enjoys its beautiful nature and charming effects, which made it a destination for many tourists from different countries of the world, and in this article we will introduce you to the best times to visit Turkey.

tourism in Turkey

The country of Turkey occupies the tenth rank in the world in the countries visited for the purpose of tourism and recreation, for several reasons. It is considered one of the countries that combines the quality of service and the reasonable price at the same time, whether in terms of hotels or resorts, or in terms of prices Food, which is also distinguished by its delicious flavor that suits all tastes, except for the beautiful scenery such as beaches and waterfalls, and historical monuments, whether they are global or Islamic in nature, this is apart from the continuous life in them, day and night.

The most important tourist places in Turkey

in Istanbul
  • Hagia Sophia Mosque.
  • Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque).
  • Pilarby Palace.
  • Yildiz Park.
  • The covered market and Ahmed Pasha market.
  • Metrocity complex and jewels complex.
  • Bosphorus Bridge.

In YalovaIt is considered the second most important city in Turkey in terms of tourism, as it contains:

  • Chinarcik Resort by the Sea of ​​Marmara.
  • Sudshan Falls.
  • In addition to many resorts and marine areas located on the coasts of the sea, such as Antalya, Marmaris and others.

The best time to visit Turkey

Turkey’s climate is characterized in general by the mild Mediterranean climate, where the summer is hot and dry, and its winters are rainy and cold in general, and it is worth noting that there are seven regions, each of which varies in different seasons of the year, and for those who want to travel to Turkey, the best time to visit It is from September to May, due to the mild climate, in addition to the offers that are offered.

But for those who are not suitable to travel in the spring and autumn seasons, and prefer to visit in the summer, it is advised to go specifically to Istanbul and to the eastern Anatolia region, while in the winter season it is advised to go to the southeastern regions, such as Wan, Kars and Agadir.

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