Visiting the best tourist destinations in Malaysia gives you great opportunities to enjoy a lot of interesting activities among the scenic landscapes of islands, gardens, and beaches. Moreover, it enables you to enjoy visiting many unique modern landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Towers. As this charming country includes a huge number of distinctive tourist places, the current article submitted to you from the Arab Travelers website focused on clarifying the most prominent landmarks in 4 of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia.

The best tourism destinations in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

Going there, you can take on an exciting adventure exploring the Batu Caves, visit the impressive Petronas Towers with their unique and sophisticated facilities, and visit the vastly designed National Mosque. The article (The Most Important Landmarks of Tourism in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur) helps you to know the best activities that you can do in each of them in addition to know more important tourist attractions in this glittering city.



It is a picturesque island rich with landmarks such as: Kilim Karst Reserve, Cenang Beach, Waterfalls of 7 Wells, Pregnant Woman Island, Wild Zoo, Crocodile Garden, Underwater World, and Sky Bridge. And if you want to know the most important information about each of these monuments, all you have to do is read the following article: (The most important tourist attractions in Langkawi).


One of the top tourist destinations for family trips and the article (Best Sightseeing in Selangor) guides you through this.


It is a picturesque island that includes many natural attractions such as: Tropical Spice Garden, Fruit Garden, Butterfly Garden and Monkey Garden. In addition, it includes a number of distinctive gaming cities such as the Escape Adventure Park. The article (Best Places of Tourism in Penang) reviews the most important information about each of them.
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