We offer you through this article the best tourism activities in Hurghada, where tourism in Hurghada is one of the most important factors that attract tourists in Egypt, as Hurghada is one of the oldest and most famous tourist resorts in Egypt, and it is also the administrative capital of the Red Sea Governorate, which occupies an area of ​​40 How much area of ​​the coastline of the western shore of the Red Sea, and its origins in the year 1905 AD, and its name may be due to the plant growing naturally since ancient times, as it is distinguished by its mild weather and bright sun throughout the year and has a lot of attractive coral reefs alongside Its regions Fun that attracts tourists to enjoy, relax and relax, the most important of which are its wonderful beaches, playgrounds, clubs and golf courses, as well as islands and marine sites that are considered suitable spots for diving and water sports, and many wonderful areas, and we will review for you today from our article this most important tourist attractions in The city of Hurghada, and the best activities that are held.

The best tourist activities in Hurghada:

Hurghada includes a lot of tourist areas in Egypt, from hotels, resorts, islands, beaches, etc., and many different activities are held there, including:

  • Giftun Island:

That island is considered one of the most important tourist attractions to which the tourist is attracted to Hurghada, as it is one of the first natural reserves that exist in the Red Sea, so it is considered one of the most important natural areas for seagulls, where there are more than 50% of the seagulls that exist in the world for him, and it has been The island is separated into two parts, the Grand Giftun Island, and the smaller Giftun Island, which attracts many tourists, as it is the only island with soft sand that makes it huge sites for diving, and among the most important activities that popular boat trips take place in the middle of many white sand areas , And dive into the water Fine refinement, among the picturesque coral reefs.
  • El Gouna:

El Gouna is a tourist resort located in Hurghada, specifically on the coast of the Red Sea, and its origins can be traced back to the year 1990 AD, and Oascom Hotels and Development has developed it and has become one of its most important tourism projects, and it is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Hurghada, and El Gouna is 470 km away from Hurghada, and it has Great importance and important activities, including diving in the depth and doing various water sports. There are also two main beaches in El Gouna, Mangrove Beach and Olive Beach, and there are a large number of water channels on which some small bridges were erected for ease of movement, and you can from vinegar Its a good place to see the main neighborhoods in Hurghada, including the Marina neighborhood, the Mediterranean neighborhood, the Golf neighborhood, etc., and enjoy the small museum that has almost 90 exhibits since it was opened since 1990, and it has golf courses that receive many international competitions, and there is also an integrated hospital, and a small airport For the resort and for private aircraft.

  • Hurghada Marina:

Marina Hurghada is located in Al-Thakala region and is considered an integrated entertainment city, given the city has all the amenities for tourists, as it has a lot of huge hotels, nightclubs and discos, a lot of shopping places, and a private marina for boats and yachts, along with many parties. The noisy place you enjoy from the spectacular sunset view and its red and golden rays, where it is the right place for hiking in the middle of a lot of cafes and restaurants, which offer different types of food and drinks, especially for restaurants that have panoramic views that feature the yacht view that She dances in the Red Sea, and attracts her many visitors who are looking for pleasure. Indeed, Hurghada Marina is one of the most important tourist areas in Hurghada.

  • Sahl Hasheesh:

It is a tourist area located 25 kilometers south of Hurghada, that is, on the coastal strip of the Red Sea, and it is one of the largest and most recent tourism projects that exist on the Red Sea coast, and a mini city has been established for it to accommodate all the tourist services that include six tourist resorts, It also contains a cinematic complex, and a place for the main gathering as a center for the city of Hurghada, in addition to its distinct markets and others, and among the most important activities that take place in Hurghada, you can enjoy spending times of relaxation and watching the clear sea and enjoying its blue color, clear sky and fine sand, and swimming in the sea To red and see the ancient city.

  • Gopal Strait:

It is a narrow strip in the water, confined between the Red Sea coast and the western coast of the Sinai Peninsula, and the Strait of Gopal is one of the most important tourist destinations used for diving in Hurghada, as it is distinguished by the fact that its waters are the wreckage of the ship of World War II, the Kinveston ship that may It was discovered on by the French diver Jacques Cousteau since the year 1950 AD, which made that region attract many tourists to see the ship wreck, in order to enjoy its picturesque coral reefs, besides swimming with dolphins in more than 30 wonderful sites for diving and snorkeling / which Attracts many tourists over the course Year.

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