Qatar is located in the Arabian Peninsula in the Arabian Gulf and is one of the fastest growing countries in the Middle East, as it is rich in oil and natural gas, which is the main source of wealth in it. Its government recently adopted several massive projects to develop infrastructure, with the aim of renewing the country and providing cities with the latest public transportation and the finest facilities to ensure the comfort of tourists during the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The Qatari capital, Doha, has already risen as one of the most luxurious cities in the east Al-Awsat, which combines shopping places with recreational and cultural centers, so it may become one of the best tourist attractions in the entire region … Here are some of the activities that can be practiced while visiting Qatar:

Discover the heritage of heritage and culture

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me Qatar’s ancient heritage includes several forts and ancient towers, including the Doha Fort, home to traditional handicrafts, Bedouin rugs, fishing boats, wooden and stucco decorations and many other artifacts. You can also visit Al Zubarah Castle and its museum, which are among the oldest archaeological sites and museums in the whole country.

Learn about Islamic arts and culture in Qatar

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me Doha has redefined the role of museums and cultural areas with the establishment of the Museum of Islamic Arts, which includes an immense number of invaluable exhibits such as Persian rugs, Turkish mosaics, artworks, Arabic calligraphy, wood carvings, antiques, and Islamic manuscripts, all of which highlight the historical, cultural, and intellectual aspects of Islam.

Shopping in Doha

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me Doha combines heritage and modern shopping places, and is filled with a wide range of products, souvenirs and handicrafts that satisfy everyone’s tastes. Check out the Gold Souk and Souq Waqif, where you will find gold and silver ornaments and precious pearls, as well as spices, antique ornaments, colorful textiles and handicrafts. As for the modern shopping centers, Doha is not without the most famous international brands, and you can visit the City Center Doha, Villagio Mall and Landmark Mall to find the most luxurious brands and the latest fashion.

An adventure in the desert of Qatar

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me Embark on a safari in the majestic desert of Qatar, hoping for the enchanting landscape of the dunes. Take a SUV and start your journey by driving through sand and rock formations as you head to a Bedouin camp, or enjoy driving the Baji desert cars.

Spend time on the Corniche

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me Go on a traditional sailing boat ride, or on a yacht, while sailing through the stunning views of the Doha Corniche, which is the best location to see the city’s glistening skyline.

Exercising various sports in Qatar

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me Qatar is full of exciting sports opportunities, including, for example, water sports, fishing, golf, horse riding, camel, SUV driving, and moonlight camping.

Listen to jazz at the Lincoln Center Doha

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me Listen to world-renowned jazz musicians at the Lincoln Center, as this unique center offers the best jazz parties, and music is chosen by Wenton Marsalis, the director of the Center’s New York branch of jazz preservation and dissemination.

Explore the Al Maha Reserve

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me This reserve includes the Arabian Oryx, which is one of the cultural symbols of Qatar, and these animals enjoy a prosperous life thanks to the efforts of the Wildlife Conservation Authority. You can spend a whole day in the reserve to get to know the country’s fauna and flora.

Spend beautiful evening at the Pearl Qatar

Qatar-tourism-2016-holiday-me The Pearl Island in Qatar is a group of artificial islands that includes residential and entertainment projects as well, such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas and many international recreational areas, which people visit in the evening.

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