Moda Istanbul is one of the vital areas of Istanbul, and one of the most important neighborhoods of high-end Kadikoy Istanbul. The Moda coast enjoys distinctive views of the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara. Moda Street in Istanbul is one of the most visited streets of Istanbul and places of tourism in Turkey.

Although the tourist destinations in Istanbul Asian are still not completely known to some visitors of the charming city of Istanbul, and mostly, most of them prefer to visit other areas such as Sultan Ahmed and other areas of the European side, but riding one of the sea ferries towards Moda will give them an opportunity to see One of the most fascinating regions of Anatolia, which includes several sites worth exploring.

Moda Istanbul

KADICOI hotels

Kadikoy, where Moda is located, includes a large collection of luxury Istanbul hotels, which we have compiled for you in a detailed report .. Read more

Kadikoy hotels with Moda area

Activities you can do in Moda Istanbul

The Moda region has a privileged location, as the coast of Moda is surrounded by many of the amazing beaches of Istanbul, which include hidden sites and distinct places to tour near and the most important of them:

Moda Street in Istanbul

• You can enjoy a tour of Moda Street, which is characterized by its wonderful and permanent decoration, and includes many Istanbul restaurants, cafes and famous stores.

• You can also take a historical tram that passes from the street, which will give you an opportunity to see as much of the area as possible.

• The street includes many historical and modern buildings that blend in a unique harmony, and where you can take some memorial photos.

Moda Street in Istanbul

The coast of Moda Kadikoy

• You can visit the Moda coast, which features many shaded sessions, and footpaths with unparalleled sea views.

• Those who love fishing can practice their favorite hobby on this coast, as it has many beaches in Istanbul suitable for such an hobby.

• The coast also includes green spaces that you can use to take a family picnic, or spend some fun time with your friends.

• The coast is located near the coastal moda park and promenade, where you can spend time, and your children can play on children’s playgrounds.

Moda Coast

Parish Manchu Museum

• Your tour of Moda neighborhood is not complete except by visiting the famous Parish Manchu Museum, which is one of the prominent Istanbul museums.

• Do not forget before entering the museum, take some pictures of its historic building, one of the most important Victorian palaces of Istanbul dating back to the 19th century.

• Then they wandered into the museum garden, and took souvenir photos of the marble blocks on both sides of the main door, which include fans’ words and messages.

• Then you can enjoy watching the holdings of Muhammed Paresh Manchu, that multi-talented feat artist and one of the most important creators of Turkish rock music.

From the museum, they headed to the Church of the Saints, which is an architectural masterpiece and located opposite it, and its construction dates back to 1878 AD.

times of work

Everyday from 900 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening.

Except for Mondays, the museum’s weekends.

Moda Istanbul

Moda Stadium

• You can enjoy a family picnic or with your friends at Moda Stadium, and play soccer with your kids in the designated place.

• You can also go hiking in the park corridors, or sit for Turkish coffee that you will buy from a street vendor.

Certainly, your little ones will be very happy to spend some fun and time on the children’s playgrounds included in the park.

Moda region

I take over Arcada

• Atuli Arcada is one of the entertainment centers for children, which is very similar to the KidZania Istanbul educational center, where your children can enjoy playing and having fun, and learn a lot of creative skills.

• Your children can also develop their artistic and handicraft abilities by participating in the various activities of the center, which depend on their mental and physical abilities.

times of work

Everyday from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

Moda Kadikoy

Moda Park

• The park is located on the seaside, where you can enjoy a quiet session, and take some memorial photos, especially at sunset.

• The park includes football fields, many walkways, various children’s playgrounds, and space containing sports equipment for athletics lovers.

Don’t forget to pass the memorial of the late playwright and short story creator, Khaldoun Tanner, recipient of the New York Herald Tribune.

Moda Istanbul

Mohamed Ayvalash Square

• You can walk around the Avalanche Square and eat some Turkish food from the street vendors, and feed the pigeons and birds that you visit frequently.

You can also reach from the square to several locations in the Moda area, such as Sarija Pasha Palace and the Baroque opera house of Bara.

Moda Istanbul

Umbrella Street in Istanbul

Umbrella Street is one of the most beautiful phenomena in Istanbul, and can be reached on foot from Moda coast .. Read more

Street umbrellas Turkey in Moda

Kadikoy Istanbul market

One of the popular Istanbul markets includes many traditional and traditional Turkish products of various kinds, from the distinctive local products. It is less than 10 minutes’ walk from Moda area on foot .. Read more

Kadikoy Istanbul market

Moda Istanbul restaurants

Moda, especially its coastal part, is considered one of the areas that contain a huge number of famous Istanbul restaurants. Kadikoy Municipality is also concerned with providing many entertainment centers that host many important Kadikoy Istanbul restaurants, not to mention the best Istanbul restaurants on the sea that Moda includes, Where you can enjoy the most beautiful views when eating what your heart desires, along with the most visited breakfast restaurants in Istanbul and its cafes.

Moda Istanbul neighborhood

Moda Istanbul location on Google Maps

The Moda region is 9.1 km from the city center of Istanbul. The following is the area map:

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