Tourism beaches in Malaysia put beach tourism in an advanced position among other types of tourism in the country. Although tourism and entertainment occupy the first ranks, beach tourism in Malaysia has its lovers who appreciate the quality of the tourist islands, mild climate and the magnificence of natural scenes. Tourist beaches in Malaysia are distinguished in addition to It provides all kinds of tourism activities such as water sports of all kinds, such as snorkeling, water skiing and diving. Some of them include archaeological sites and historical attractions that are easy to visit.

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The best tourist beaches in Malaysia

Tourist beaches in Malaysia

Langkawi Beach

The most famous beach is among the list of the best tourist beaches in Malaysia, and it extends along 99 islands until it reaches near the border with Thailand. Among the most famous islands that Langkawi Beach passes are the largest and most densely populated island, Pulau Tuba ) The least populated but the most beautiful in terms of natural scenes. The rest of the remote islands that Langkawi Beach passes are considered almost empty islands of the population, which provides a great deal of privacy for tourists. The islands that Langkawi Beach passes are characterized by the diversity of natural scenes from forests Rainforests, stunning beaches, mountain peaks, and marshes Hypothetical.Tourist beaches in Malaysia

The beaches of Pulau Bangor

Among the best tourist beaches in Malaysia are the beaches of Pulau Bangor Island, which translates from the local to the “beautiful island.” The island includes a large number of beaches, the most famous of which are “Nivah Bay”, “Lake Lake Belanda”, “Pasir Bogac” and “Coral Bay”. The beaches of “Lao Bangor” are characterized by extreme calmness and charming natural scenery, which makes it the most suitable place for recreation and relaxation in Malaysia. Tourist places on the island is the temple of "Fu Lin Hong." Chinese, and Temple "Kali safety" and the remains of a Dutch castle occupies a historic mountainous area called Rock rocks.

Pulau Tioman Beach

"Pulau Tioman" beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it gained special fame after its appearance in the events of the movie "South Pacific" in 1985 AD. "Pulau Tioman Beach" is distinguished from many of the beaches of Malaysia that it still retains aspects of primitive life and lack of tyranny Aspects of modern life on it. One of the most beautiful things that can be seen around the beach, "Bula Tioman", dense forests, waterfalls, water basins in which huge turtles are raised. And experience their local activities and not Learn about their customs and folk traditions.The list of the best tourist beaches in Malaysia varies between the updated beaches and the establishment of the most luxurious resorts in the world, and the beaches in which the Malaysian government maintained a primitive lifestyle.

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