Kadikoy Istanbul is a famous neighborhood in Istanbul that combines history and modernity with its colorful streets, historical attractions and open gardens all that made it occupy a distinctive place as one of the most important tourist centers in Istanbul and tourism in Turkey in general, as it is one of the tourist places in Istanbul, which is very famous.
Kadikoy Istanbul is a commercial residential area with cultural characteristics, and includes several cafes, markets and entertainment places. Kadikoy Port is a major transportation center, and one of the most important areas of Istanbul that connects between the Asian and European sides through the famous Bosphorus.

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KADICOI hotels

Kadikoy Istanbul is characterized by the availability of a variety of the best luxury hotels in Istanbul, which we have gathered for you in our detailed report, Kadikoy Hotels .. Read more


The best tourist places in Kadikoy Istanbul

During the next few lines, we will get to know an expanded group of the most important tourist attractions within Kadikoy in Istanbul

Baghdad Street, Istanbul

Baghdad Street is one of the famous streets of Istanbul and is a haven for lovers of entertainment and shopping, up to 14 km in length, while the most important characteristic of the street is that it is parallel to the coasts of the Sea of ​​Marmara, providing scenic views, along with places of walking, entertainment and high-end restaurants, and is one of the most important streets of the Kadikoy district in Istanbul .. read more

Kadikoy region

Umbrella Street in Istanbul

Umbrella Street is located within a popular neighborhood in which shops, cafes and restaurants line up, and pedestrians have been protected from the sun through colored balloons, so this street is also known locally as Balloon Street Kadikoy Istanbul or Kadikoy Balloon Istanbul .. Read more

Kadikoy port

Water Garden Istanbul

Water Garden is one of the leading shopping centers in Istanbul, Kadikoy, which provides both shopping and entertainment pleasure through a huge building that includes a huge number of shops specialized in selling all personal needs and home needs, along with great entertainment and restaurants .. Read more

Kadikoy Istanbul area

Tepe Nautilus Mall

Tippi Nautilus Mall was opened in 2001 and is a commercial center located in the Agipadam neighborhood of Kadikoy in Istanbul and includes nearly 130 brands of various products, as well as 8 cinemas of the latest technology, in addition to bowling halls, restaurants and wonderful cafes .. read more

Kadikoy in Istanbul

Bostanci Luna Park

Bostanci Luna Park is considered one of the best places in Istanbul for families since its inception, as it includes several games suitable for all ages and varies between games of excitement and suspense that are preferred by adults such as scissors and flying missiles and simple games for children such as collision cars .. Read more

Map of the Kadikoy region

Istanbul Toy Museum

The Toy Museum is located in the Göztepe neighborhood of the Kadikoy district in Istanbul, and it includes 10 thousand different games that were brought in from various parts of the world, and it is one of the places that young people will love as there is no love to them from games, and adults also where they will find some games that will bring back wonderful memories to them .. read more

Istanbul Kadikoy district

Freedom Park in Istanbul

Freedom Park is one of several tourist places for children in Istanbul, as it includes playgrounds and sculptures, in addition to green spaces and wonderful trees, jogging and walking areas as well as tracks dedicated to cycling .. Read more

Kadikoy district of Istanbul

Very beach in Istanbul Bostan

Bustan Beach is very popular with Arab tourists, and it is considered one of the beaches of Istanbul with all necessary services for visitors, and it is an opportunity for Istanbul visitors to have some relaxation on the wonderful sea coast .. Read more

Kadikoy Istanbul balloon

Moda Istanbul

A charming coastal area belonging to Kadiyuki district, characterized by a wonderful view of the Bosphorus Strait and the presence of countless activities that visitors can practice there. The most prominent of these activities is the visit of Moda Street, which includes many historical buildings, the practice of fishing, visiting one of the parks scattered along the coast line and others .. read more

Kadikoy balloon Istanbul

Kadikoy Istanbul market

The market bears the name of the Kadikoy region and includes more than 2000 diverse stores, which means a wonderful opportunity to shop between the quality products and the good prices, and the most important thing that you can get through the Kadikoy market is clothes, textiles, food products and cooking tools .. Read more

Istanbul Kadikoy

Sunday Bazaar in Istanbul

This bazaar is one of the most prominent and famous tourist destinations in the Kadikoy region as it is one of the most important bazaars of Istanbul. The bazaar is held on Sunday every week and it is one of the popular bazaars specialized in selling food and household products, accessories, clothes, perfumery tools and more .. Read more

Kadikoy Istanbul

Kadikoy Istanbul restaurants

Kadikoy has a number of the finest restaurants in Istanbul, ranging from popular restaurants specialized in making popular Turkish dishes or restaurants that offer Mediterranean food, grills, fast food and more. In the following report, we recommend the most important Kadikoy Istanbul restaurants that we recommend .. Read more

Kadikoy Istanbul

Map of the Kadikoy region

The following link details the Kadikoy region and its location in Istanbul

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