The best tourist destinations in Ramadan and Eid

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Italy is known as the cradle of European cultures and civilizations, and it includes the most beautiful cathedrals, tourist attractions and scenic landscapes as well as its delicious and world-famous cuisine, and is an ideal destination for the Eid al-Fitr holiday with the family.

The best activities in Italy:

a. Night cruise on the famous gondola boat.
B. Tour with a guide in the Vatican.
C. Experience Italian pizza on its origins in Naples.


Turkey is a land of hospitality, beautiful traditions, stunning nature, and with a popular saying: “One cup of coffee is bound by forty years of friendship.” Here you will find countless interesting historical monuments, from different eras and different religions, in every city, town and village, in addition to delicious Turkish cuisine.

Best activities in Turkey:

a. Get rid of fatigue and tired travel by trying a luxurious Turkish bath.
B. Eat the famous “kumpir” which is a roast potato stuffed with cheese and vegetables, and you can find it everywhere in Turkey.
C. See the sights of Istanbul through a cruise in the Bosphorus.
The Philippines
The Philippines is an ideal holiday destination for both adventure enthusiasts and those who prefer relaxation and recuperation. Enjoy making sand castles with your kids on the beach and chatting to welcoming and welcoming locals or challenging yourself to go on adventure activities. There is no doubt that visiting the Philippines will be a wonderful holiday full of beautiful memories and happy times.

Best activities in the Philippines:

a. Watch the reef in “Tobataha Reef” and take pictures of the beautiful little fish.
B. Explore the nearby countryside by going on a brightly colored “pocket” (Philippine microbus) car.
C. Explore the most beautiful landscapes that contain diverse plants and animals.
Thailand is famous for its beautiful nature, its charming sandy beaches and its many beautiful tourist attractions, in addition to its delicious popular food. Skyscrapers and shopping malls are spread across Thai cities along with simple rural villages and towns, making Thailand an ideal place for lovers of both shopping and nature.

Best activities in Thailand:

a. A tour of the “Thai Elephant House” park, where you can ride elephants, play with them and try the clay pigeons with them as well.
B. Boat trip to explore islands, caves and lakes in the beautiful landscape.
C. Rent a bicycle, scenery and learn about Thai life and culture in rural areas.
The dreamy Seychelles is sprinkled with pearls in the waters of the Indian Ocean, and its 115 islands provide visitors with an atmosphere of pleasure, fun and relaxation that is rarely found anywhere else. The Seychelles is known for its picturesque nature, with its clear blue waters, beautiful sandy beaches and diverse marine and wildlife.

The best activities in Seychelles:

a. Climb the summit of Morne Blanc, the highest mountain peaks in Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles Islands.
B. A cruise on a double-hull boat, during which you have lunch, with an opportunity to dive into the waters of the Indian Ocean.
C. Watch the rare flowers and plants in the “La Missery Exotic Garden Center” garden.
South Africa
South Africa is the most popular destination for people who love wildlife excursions and scenic adventure. Here you will be fond of the extensive options of activities available and the amazing geographical diversity of their regions, ranging from Kruger National Park to the magical Table Mountain, Johannesburg Zoo, Islamic monuments and monuments on Robben Island in Cape Town.

Best activities in South Africa:

a. Mount Table, either on a mountain trip, or by cable car.
B. Take a selfie with lions in Kruger National Park
C. Prove that you are the brave heart and choose a trip “rowing with crocodiles”.


Bonjour! It is the capital of romance in the world, and the place that fashion lovers put at the top of their travel list, as Paris is home to the world’s most famous designer fashion stores, Cloison Vuitton and Dior. France is the perfect destination for high fashion and fashion lovers, coastal nature and charming rivers.

Best activities in France:

a. Shop in Bordeaux, Paris, Saint-Tropez and Nice.
B. Visit the Eiffel Tower and its surroundings.
C. Try some (or all) samples from 246 different types of famous French cheeses.
Do you want to know the reasons why Switzerland is the happiest country in the world in 2015? We suggest that you travel to it now to discover this secret yourself.

Best activities in Switzerland:

a. Explore the beauty of the Alps and snowboarding.
B. Try Swiss chocolate, learn how to prepare it, and buy souvenirs from it.
C. With 46 railway companies and more than 5,000 km of rail and a highly punctual train transport system, riding a train is the best way to get around Switzerland and enjoy its natural charm.
Malaysia never stops surprising its visitors, starting with the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, the blue sea waters on Perhentian Island, the charming beaches of Langkawi Island and the mosques of impressive Islamic architecture such as the Blue Mosque in Shah Alam. With the advent of Ramadan, markets and street vendors abound in the city’s streets, and the buying and selling movement flourishes. The Islamic Arts Complex in Selangor is considered one of the most important tourist places that Muslims are keen to visit during the month of Ramadan. This center includes the first copy of the Holy Qur’an and many ornate Qurans, paintings of Arabic calligraphy, drawings and sculptures. The Malaysian cuisine also celebrates many dishes and drinks of Ramadan.

Best activities in Malaysia:

a. Dine in the peaceful atmosphere of the “Dining in the Dark” hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
B. Visit the only cats museum of its kind in Cushing.
C. Adventure lovers and sports car enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to visit the sports car circuit and Sepang race track.


The Maldives are a great place for romantic holidays such as honeymoon and for adventure and excitement lovers, they enjoy upscale resorts on the shores of their charming islands, as well as water sports opportunities such as surfing and diving.

The best activities in the Maldives:

a. Night fishing trip.
B. Visit the old Friday Mosque – the oldest mosque in the Maldives.
C. High surfing from one to two and a half meters high at Basta Point Resort.


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