We offer you through this article the best tourist and recreational places that exist in Puncak, which is one of the most beautiful areas in Indonesia, because it contains many scenic landscapes, through green gardens and other tourist attractions in the city.

The most beautiful activities in Puncak:

Ponchak can visit many sights and natural places that exist in the city and enjoy many activities in the city, as Puncak includes a large group of scenic landscapes because of its waterfalls and green lush landscaped gardens. Among the most important activities that can be done in Puncak are the following: :

First: Visit to Al-Taawun Mosque:

The Cooperation Mosque is one of the most important and famous tourist places that are found in the Puncak Mountains region, where the mosque includes the picturesque and attractive architectural design, which made it an important tourist interface in the Puncak region, and the most important characteristic of the Cooperation Mosque is that it is surrounded by many natural landscapes, through The attractive gardens around the mosque, in addition to the dome of the mosque, which looks like an umbrella, and the mosque includes walls that were made of transparent glass.

Second: Watch the Seven Waterfalls in Puncak:

The seven waterfalls are one of the tourist attractions in the Puncak region, because it is one of the most beautiful landscapes that can be seen in the world, as many visitors consider it as a medicine to treat many diseases, including rheumatism and heart diseases, due to its clear and scarce water, Regardless of the distinctive waterfalls landscape, many visitors are attracted specifically to the seventh waterfall in these waterfalls and consider its waters as the healing water for diseases, due to many ancient myths.
You can also walk through the forests, trees and scenic landscapes and explore many places, and embark on a journey that may be unique, which has a lot of fun and excitement, as well as exploring the butterfly garden that is found in the same path leading to the seven waterfalls, and watching many types of Various and rare butterflies, in addition, a tent can be rented through the camps on site.

Third: Visiting the colorful lake:

The colorful lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Puncak region, and the most important thing that distinguishes this lake is that it lies between a group of hills, and the lake is located at a great height that reaches almost two thousand meters, and the lake is also distinguished by its distinctive and attractive colors, and it is an ideal place Very attractive for nature lovers and charming, also available in the garden the possibility to rent boats, go into the lake and learn about many of its secrets.
There is also a large group of different animals beside the lake, of which the most famous are monkeys, which are abundant on trees. There is also a group of birds singing the sweetest melodies, and through that place one can see the unique lake, whose color changes from time to time between Yellow or green, and other attractive colors, there may also be a group of vendors who provide natural fruits as well as fresh juices by the lake.

Fourth: Taman Mata Hari Park:

This park is one of the most famous gardens that exist in Puncak, where the garden includes many different and varied entertainment in addition to the beauty and charm of the garden and its special attractiveness, as the park includes a dedicated area for animals, which includes large numbers of wild animals, among which the tigers and lions, there is also There is also another section in the park for recreational games, which includes a group of swimming pools, in addition to places where you can see many different shows and parades of some types of animals.
For sports enthusiasts, including golf, a golf course is also available in the park, in addition to the possibility of riding airships, climbing mountains, in addition to many different water games such as swimming, slides and the famous color war game.

Fifth: Visiting a safari park in Puncak:

The safari park is one of the most important places that are found in Puncak, where the park is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the region, because it contains many different and multiple ways of entertainment, through many different animals that are found in the garden, where the park includes a group Among the elephants, tigers, bears, and other types of different animals, as the park includes more than two thousand five hundred different animals and some of them are rare animals, among which are a rhinoceros as well as a white tiger.

Sixth: Visit the Fruit Garden:

The fruit garden is one of the best places and gardens that exist in Indonesia as it is the first of its kind in the city, and the garden includes a very large group of trees for different types of fruits and multiple, as the garden contains thirty seven thousand diverse trees of fruit trees, which among them Cherry and watermelon in various colors, as well as mangoes as well as pineapple and many other types of fruit.

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