A guide for the most famous tourist places in Baku, Azerbaijan is recommended to visit ,, Baku is a European city that fascinates the world with its architecture, mosques and minarets, and you can travel to a trip in the fiery mountains in it is burning with fire and the city contains hills and towers of flames.
And is characterized by attractive cultural and recreational places, the city is characterized by a wonderful climate and beautiful beaches on the borders of the Caspian Sea, the city has historical charm and has Islamic influences and is characterized as one of the most important European heritage, can go on a trip with the family to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

Best tourist places in Baku Azerbaijan:

old City:

Old cities Baku Azerbaijan
It has Arab facades suitable for the Arab family, suitable places for travel and entertainment, wonderful and attractive tourist places, and souvenirs can be purchased from the shops and old cafes located in the city that smells of history, the country’s streets are beautiful and pebbled and have medieval squares that you will enjoy visiting this wonderful city.

  • Fountain Square:

Fountain Square
It is a beautiful and distinguished place to enjoy the many trees, open spaces, shops and cafes for tea and many restaurants, the place is very suitable for children and adults and it is a distinguished place with a wonderful modern atmosphere that tourists come from everywhere in the world and you will enjoy the large number of fountains in the place and the beauty of its forms.
  • Aqua park:

Aqua park
It is one of the beautiful Baku Azerbaijan tourist places suitable for the family with beautiful concerts and places for games and a large playground and terrifying rooms for adventurers, the complex is large and very popular and is interested in visiting all tourists to enjoy the beauty of the place.

  • Baby boom:

Baby boom
Among the recreational spaces for children with the most beautiful games and the most beautiful play areas that children enjoy, and has places dedicated to parents relaxing and spending quality time with their children.

  • Virgo:

It is one of the most important historical places in Baku Azerbaijan, the image of the tower is printed on some banknotes and postage stamps and the tower contains a large number of internal museums and stores from which souvenirs are purchased.

  • Shrewshanihan Palace:

Shrewshanihan Palace
One of the most important palaces in Baku, where its origins date back to the arterial era, and its image is printed on paper currencies and is located in the city center and consists of many buildings, including the mausoleum of Sayyid Yahya al-Bakoy and the mosque of the Shah and the shrines of rulers and the Diwan is considered one of the most important tourist places in Baku Azerbaijan.

  • State Museum of History:

State Museum of History
The museum has a section for scientific excursions and a section for history, anthropology and modern and ancient history, and its origins date back to the Middle Ages, with glass windows, high walls and gilded arches. The museum is made by Polish architects and is made in italyn style and is a distinctive place for tourism.

  • The Baku Puppet Theater:

puppet Theater
One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Baku, Azerbaijan, especially for children. The theater has a variety of brides of all shapes, sizes and colors that children love and enjoy playing with it. It is designed by the Polish architect Josef Pushko, and it is a magical place for visitors that tourists enjoy very much.

  • Absheron National Park:

Absheron National Park
One of the most important places that attract tourists to it is that children love it very much because it contains rare types of deer, waterfowl, animals and rare plants in it at the top of the Caspian Sea where there are many types of birds, plants and animals threatened with extinction and the garden was established in 2005 and is considered one of the most important Tourist areas that tourists are interested in.

  • Baku Zoo:

Baku Zoo
The park is one of the oldest zoos in Baku and it is very distinctive because it contains a large number of animals such as tigers and monkeys of different types and has aquariums that contain different types of fish with animals placed in a natural reserve such as giraffes and ostriches and deer and the newly added pink bird which is from The most loved place for children and adults.

  • Bab Al-Haiba Mosque:

Bab Al-Haiba Mosque
It is considered one of the most important ancient mosques that have been built where there are three dome and two minarets is designed in a similar way to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and is surrounded by a large number of restaurants, cafes and shops.

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