The best tourist places in Al-Khobar

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king Fahd’s bridge

The King Fahd Bridge is considered one of the best-known tourist places in the city of Khobar, as it is distinguished by its location and its architectural designs, and the length of the bridge is about twenty-six kilometers, and connects between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Island, and includes four corridors, and in the center of the bridge there is an island used for customs inspection in the Kingdom. It is worth mentioning that this bridge is an amazing place, and it contains amazing sights. You can enjoy drinking coffee, tea and eating many foods in this place.

sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is considered the best tourist place in Al Khobar, as this beach is characterized by many things, including: the water park, bowling hall, and many food facilities. The beach can be used as well as boating, rowing in the lake, or on the beautiful beach overlooking The resort.

Heritage Village News

The heritage village of Al-Khobar is considered one of the most prominent tourist places in the city, and the idea of ​​this village is due to linking people with the past and heritage, through the restaurant in which it was designed and all its holdings of the idea of ​​the ancient heritage, according to an innovative smart way, and the village is characterized by its extensive sessions and decoration systems Surprising.

Khobar Corniche

The Khobar Corniche is one of the most beautiful tourist places, as it is characterized by the wonderful scenery that permeates the water, and this place witnesses a continuous visit to families, where they visit the Corniche, pristine gardens, and quiet places along the Corniche, and visitors can walk and walk along the Corniche lined with palm trees , Jogging, or biking.

Other tourist places

There are other tourist places in Al-Khobar, including:

  • the National Museum: It is one of the cultural places that displays the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the ancient folk culture, and also displays various types of arts.
  • Scitech: It is an acronym for the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology, located on the Corniche, and contains scientific exhibitions and interactive means.
  • Al-rashed mall: It is located at the entrance to Al-Khobar, specifically at the beginning of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Street, and it is a distinguished place in the eastern region, as it includes the best resorts, restaurants, a children’s playroom and a hypermarket.
  • Venice Mall: It is located at the entrance to Al-Khobar, and contains a number of shops, fashion boutiques, clothes and jewelry.
  • Dhahran Mall: It is considered the most popular shopping center, and it is located in a corner at the intersection of Prince Faisal bin Fahd and King Saud Roads, and it contains shops, hypermarkets, restaurants, and extensive visitor car parks.
  • Water tower: It consists of three floors, and there is a large restaurant on the top floor that offers delicious food for visitors. You can also enjoy the view of Khobar and its Corniche.
  • King Abdullah Road: It is the most distinguished street in the city, and it has distinctive international restaurants, and offers many activities.
  • Azizia Beach.
  • Half moon beach.


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