The best tourist places in Atomium, Belgium

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Atomium One of the symbols of Belgium, which has a unique character, is popular, popular and successful, which made it one of the emblematic symbols in the tourism of the Belgian capital Brussels to this day, and it is one of the symbols of European civilization in Brussels, where this distinctive monument was designed by a Belgian engineer named Andre And leave, and despite the bitter cold in the winter of Brussels, the visitors of the place never hesitate to come to him from all over the world in order to enjoy seeing him annually.


In 1958, Atomium was designed to be the main pavilion and to be a symbol of the International Expo, which is being held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and it was never intended to remain built after the exhibition, except that the success he met and the fame he gained made him a landmark and a famous symbol. Among the tourist attractions in Belgium, especially that it has a distinctive geometric shape consisting of 9 prominent balls made of iron crystal, all of which are interconnected with each other to take the form of an atom figure, which made it one of the unique features.
The large balls are connected to each other by a number of huge tubes that contain escalators, corridors, and fixed ladders so that visitors can move from one ball to another, in which the visual representation of the concept of crystal particles of iron, after being amplified 150 billion times, is added besides it has an elevator A fast link between the globe and the ball at the top of the formation, and the upper ball in the Atomium is a site that enables a crescent to see the city from above, and enjoy the panoramic views that surround this place, which makes it a very enjoyable trip, where many buildings can be seen history Among them is the small European city which is a small city that includes a number of civilizational landmarks of Europe and a number of famous buildings. This city is located next to the Atomium.

The most important activities that can be undertaken by Brussels Atomium:

  • It is possible to visit the permanent exhibition that takes place inside one of the spherical bodies that make up the Atomium. This exhibition is about the history of Atomium where it is told about the history of the International Expo.
  • It is possible to visit the non-permanent exhibition, which is located in one of the spherical bodies, this exhibition changes every year and handles a number of different fields every time. In the past year 2020, an exhibition on luxury commercial aviation that was known in the twentieth century was held.
  • It is possible to visit the Japanese Tower and the Chinese Pavilion, which are two museums in which there are pieces of local ceramics that were manufactured by the people of these two countries, and that were exported to Europe during the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
  • It is possible to pass the spherical objects that exist in this unique monument, where many seminars and different events are held, and there are also spaces that have been allocated for children and for school celebrations and events.
  • It is possible to enjoy the restaurant on the top of the upper ball, which gives the visitor a great opportunity to have lunch or dinner in a wonderful panoramic view, in which many varied local and international dishes are served, and it is also possible to reach the restaurant by the restaurant on the bottom.
  • Atomium is surrounded by many tourist destinations that can be passed on, for example there is a famous garden that was designed in the European style and is called the mini garden of Europe, and there is also a water park that includes many swimming pools and slides called Hessel.
  • It is possible to use the telescope, which is located on top of the highest sphere of the spherical body of the Atomium, in order to enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the city of Brussels, and it is possible to see the port and the church via this telescope.



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