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The Walled City of Baku

The Walled City of Baku, which was built in a populated area since the Stone Age, stretches from the southern shore of the Absheron Peninsula, specifically towards the western side of the Caspian Sea, and it indicates the existence of Sassanian, Russian, Zoroastrian, and Arab cultures. It is characterized by its contrasting architectural monuments, which blended harmoniously to reflect the multiple cultures in it, and highlight the importance of its ancient history, and it is worth noting that the walled city in Baku is fortified with a wall dating back. It dates back to the twelfth century, and is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shervanshahs Palace

Shirvanshahs’ Palace dates back to the fifteenth century and is one of the most beautiful examples of Azerbaijani architecture, in addition to that it is distinguished by its location that occupies the highest point in the old city of Baku, and it is worth noting that the palace complex includes the remains of a mosque, and the Murad Gate , The Palace of the Shah, and others, noting that this palace is also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Martyrs’ Lane

Martyrs ’Lane is located in the southeast of Baku, where it was created specifically for the martyrs who fell in 1990 during the attack of the Red Army, knowing that it includes a beautiful garden, and a mosque built in the Turkish style.

Carpet Museum

The Carpet Museum is replete with more than a thousand unique and rare carpets, some of which were brought from Azerbaijan itself, while others were brought from Dagestan and Iran.


Maiden’s Tower dates back more than a thousand years ago, and it is a tower believed to have been a temple to Zoroastrianism at the beginning, then it became a constellation; to observe in the eighteenth century, where its upper part is 29 meters high, and it also has a view It is charming, and it should be noted that the Virgo is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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