The best tourist places in Bali

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The city of Lovina

Lovina is located on the northwestern coast of Bali, and is famous for its sandy black beaches and calm waters. Tourists coming to this city can enjoy their time by diving and learning, and get a PADI certificate from the diving centers spread there and the possibility to participate in Excursions to explore dolphins and enjoy watching.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is located on the edge of a magnificent cliff, famous for its high cultural value, as well as for its wonderful architectural design. A visitor to this temple can learn many of Bali’s local customs from only one visit. You can also enjoy watching theatrical performances and traditional dance shows. That are held there after sunset.

Taman Tirta Ganga Park

The Taman Tirta Ganga Water Park was established in 1946 by the last king in the Karangasim district, and this water palace is a wonderful memorial to all that ancient Bali represents, and despite its complete destruction in 1963 AD due to the eruption of the Mount Agung volcano next to it, it has been restored Its construction after this incident includes an 11-storey fountain called the Noa Sanga Fountain, a group of water pools filled with koi flowers, huge lotus flowers, and a huge stone spring pool that allows visitors to swim in.

Seminyak district

Seminyak is one of the most integrated neighborhoods in Bali, as tourists can find almost everything in it from high-end fashion stores to traditional traditional stores, as well as picturesque beaches and restaurants that keep their doors open until late at night.

South Bali beaches

The southern beaches in Bali are considered one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, as it is characterized by its wide sandy beaches, and the most famous of which is Kuta Beach, which is usually the first destination for tourists due to its proximity to the airport, but the architectural crawl has caused the consumption of a large area of ​​Kuta Beach, and spending Look at other alternative beaches, such as: Tuban, Legian, and Seminyak.


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