The best tourist places in Bandung

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Bandung is one of the largest countries in Indonesia, as it ranked third on the level of countries in Indonesia in terms of overpopulation, and it is considered one of the developed countries at all levels, and for this reason it has become a distinctive station to attract tourists, where millions of tourists visit it annually to see its distinct and amazing features, and in This article we will talk about the most important tourist places, and hotels, in addition to its markets.

Sightseeing in Bandung

  • Marbella Falls: Waterfalls are characterized by their beauty and splendor, where they can go to and enjoy the picturesque natural embrace, surrounded by hot sulfur-rich water that in turn helps to cure various diseases.
  • Lake Venice: It is one of the picturesque and distinctive Indonesian lakes, where millions of tourists visit it annually. The reason is because the lake contains many trees, forests, and green hills, and it is one of the lakes suitable for recreation and relaxation, where it is characterized by extreme calm.
  • Giyaplam Park: It is considered one of the ideal parks for a special holiday inside it for all family members, as it contains games places dedicated for children, artificial lakes, and a train that roams inside artificial lakes, in addition to containing many animals such as zebras, American bears, and various rare and distinctive animals .

Hotels in Bandung

  • Sansa Hotel: It is considered one of the luxury hotels, as it overlooks the most beautiful places in the city of Bandung. It also offers many different and distinctive services, including massage service, car rental service, and wireless internet service, in addition to providing the most delicious and delicious international food.
  • De Patra Hotel: It is one of the attractive hotels in Bandung, where its room contains lighting in green color, it also provides many distinguished services, including car rental service, and a dedicated bathroom for customers in which all toiletries are available. It also provides delicious Western and Asian cuisine, in addition to that it It serves light and fast food and drinks.
  • The Papandayan Hotel: It is one of the luxury hotels in Bandung, where it has an outdoor pool, and also offers many distinguished services, including places for spa and physiotherapy, in addition to providing healthy and delicious food.

Markets in Bandung

  • Super Mall: It is considered one of the distinctive markets in Bandung, as it contains many shops that sell various commodities, as it is characterized by the presence of four cinemas, places for bowling, and places for children, in addition to the ability to drink drinks and light juices inside the cafes inside the mall.
  • King Schonpig Center: It is one of the popular markets in Bandung, and it is also cheap and suitable for everyone, as it is possible to buy leather clothes and shoes.
  • Jeans Street: It is one of the amazing markets in Bandung, where it contains many products made of jeans such as tops, pants, and jackets, in addition to that it is characterized by the presence of distinctive and amazing figures on both sides of the street.

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