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Church of the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Família is the most popular Romen Catholic Church in Barcelona, ​​as this church was built by architect Anthony Gaudi and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, and this small church is considered sacred since 2010 after it was declared Holy by the Pope, the design of this church is unique in that it possesses a mixture of different geometric patterns that take the breath of everyone who visits it.

Joel Park

The Park Güell in Barcelona is the second most important tourist attraction and this public park is located in the La Salute neighborhood of Tel Carmel. The construction of this park system took four years from 1900 to 1914 and was opened to the public in 1926 AD, and this was also recorded The park is among the UNESCO World Heritage in 1984, and contains a number of architectural and natural attractions such as water fountains, columns paths and buildings with high ceilings, in addition to that part of the Park of Joel possesses many types of wildlife, especially birds, and thus the park is a center of attraction for tourists in addition to It is an entertainment area for B residents Chlonh.

Spanish Village (Babel Espanyol)

The Spanish village – Babel Espanyol- (in English: Poble Espanyol de Montjuic) is one of the most important tourist attractions in Barcelona, ​​due to its vision of typical Spanish rural life, in addition to that it is famous for its handicraft and antique shops, and this village also has the most famous display Attractive to tourists it is the direct flamenco show in Tableau de Carmen, which millions of people flock to see.

Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo is located in La Ciutadella Park and is the best way to reach it by following the signs in La Ciutadella Park. The park owns a variety of animals, in addition to a beautiful restaurant, electric cars, pony rides and many other attractions for children.

Old town

Barcelona’s Old Town district includes the Gothic Quarter, which dates back to the Romen era, and which still preserves the old city wall, narrow city streets and distinctive buildings. The highest building in this old town is the Barcelona Cathedral Church, which was built in the distinctive Gothic style, and it is worth noting that it does not It is similar to the famous La Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

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