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Royal greenhouses in Laiken

The Royal Greenhouses are located in Laeken, in the Belgian province of Brussels, and they represent a wonderful group that combines architecture, new art, and strange plants, and opens their doors to visitors. During the spring season, during this period, visitors can take a stroll in it and enjoy its natural scenery.

Ghent city

Ghent is a university town that contains many of the thirteenth century Gothic churches, historical houses on the side of the canal, dating back to the seventeenth century, in addition to a medieval castle that was once devoted to fighting And torture, as it still contains many tools of torture, and the city of Ghent contains more than 400 historical buildings and 18 museums, and opera houses that tourists can enjoy visiting.


Bruge is the official capital of West Flanders, and it is famous for its architecture, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is reported to have been extensively restored during the nineteenth century.

Damma town

Damme is located 4 kilometers from Bruges, where this town was used as a stop to travel to Flanders Province, and its visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of rural life, and all the services it provides to its visitors, and visitors can move directly from Bruges to Damah via Small boats.

Greater Brussels Square

The prosperous life of Brussels’s Grand-Place Square dates back to the Middle Ages, and this hidden square can be reached from view through one of the six cobbled alleys. The square overlooks the city council building dating back to the fifteenth century, and a number From Baroque homes, ornate royal houses.

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