The best tourist places in Bodrum

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Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle was built by the Crusaders in the fifteenth century AD, and this castle is one of the best monuments in the world, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and at the present time it is a museum that receives visitors every year, and it is indicated that Underwater archeology museum is one of the most important attractions.

Palmarina Bodrum

Bodrum Port is considered one of the most famous ports that have been refurbished in Bodrum, as this port attracts many visitors every year, in order to enjoy the beautiful life shown by the cities located on the port, and it is possible to enjoy picnics under the palm trees, and ride the existing yachts On the beachside, visit many shops that offer clothes and souvenirs.

Yahsi Beach

Yahsi Beach is one of the best beaches in Bodrum, as it is famous for its golden sand, clear waters and fresh summer breezes. This beach is located in close proximity to many commercial establishments that facilitate tourists’ visit to the region.

Bodrum Theater

The ancient Bodrum Theater is one of the most popular areas in Bodrum, and despite its small size according to Roman standards, it has been well restored. Bodrum Theater is famous for its high views towards the mountains, and this theater has expanded to about 13,000 spectators in the fourth century, and is used today to display many events and concerts.

Bodrum old town

Bodrum’s old town is one of the most famous historical areas to visit, where you can get to know the narrow alleys, and houses covered in beautiful vineyards, as well as get to know the old fishing village, wandering in the late afternoon, and visit many shops and cafes.


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