If you want to enjoy calm, relax away from the pressures of life and work, go to the perfect place. Tourists from all over the world flock to it to enjoy its wonderful beaches, fun time and it was called “Dahab” because its stones and sands are golden, it is the golden city in Egypt. Charming spot.

Here is a tour of the best sights in Dahab..the enchanting nature captures your breath

Blue Hole

One of the most beautiful, and best tourist places in Dahab. It is a cave carved inside the coral barrier, and it is located eight kilometers north of Dahab. Tourists flock to enjoy a diving tour that makes you feel like you are in another world of imagination. Blue Hole depth extends to one hundred and thirty meters. So you don’t have to go diving on your own, only you can get some diving classes; from the most skilled divers at low prices, starting at twenty three dollars.Blue HoleBlue Hole Read also: Tourist attractions of Sharm El-Sheikh

Lakhbatita messed up

It is considered one of the best places to go out in Dahab. They enjoy eccentric décor, friendly staff, and quiet service; each lends an italyn touch to the venue. It features a homemade menu that includes pasta dishes and seafood. The most famous of these are mushroom ravioli, shrimps with garlic and hot pepper. Prices range from sixty-five to one hundred and twenty euros. Working hours are from six until half past eleven in the evening.Lakhbatita messed upLakhbatita messed up

Ralph’s German Bakery

Anyone in Dahab ends up at the Ralph German bakery at a certain point, as it is the best breakfast place in the area. It offers delicious baked goods, and desserts, which cannot be tasted anywhere. When do you start eating, you will not stop eating devouring. Prices for sweets range from three to six euros; for sandwiches, breakfast is from thirty-three to sixty euros. Working hours are from seven in the morning until six in the evening.Ralph's German BakeryRalph’s German Bakery


One of the best attractions in Dahab is characterized by a charming nature with a ditch, and a picturesque beach full of charming coral reefs. There are many diving classes in Canyon Beach, and it is an ideal place for beginners, as the beach is thirty-three meters deep.CanyonCanyon also read: Tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh for families

Lighthouse Reef

Al Manara Barrier Reef boasts tremendous fish wealth and huge biological diversity, making it a great place for swimming and snorkeling. The depth of the beach reaches thirty meters.Lighthouse ReefLighthouse Reef

Ras Abu Galum

Ras Abu Gallum is considered one of the most beautiful, and most romantic places in Dahab, where couples and friends head to it either through camels, walks, or the boat north of Blue Hole to enjoy diving and swimming. When it comes to darkness, you can enjoy; To spend an unforgettable wonderful time.Ras Abu GalumRas Abu Galum

The Islands

The islands are the closest diving sites in the south, and one of the best attractions in Dahab. It is five minutes away from the city center, and the quietest dive spot in Dahab. Easily attainable, and breathtaking, charming marine life.The IslandsThe Islands


One of the outposts in Dahab and one of the most famous restaurants in it, and is characterized by its privileged location overlooking the beach, with many of the families of the beach where you can enjoy a natural tan and the most delicious dishes served by Nirvana. Popadoms. And it is Ballack Paneer, one of the most delicious dishes served by the restaurant. The price of the meal ranges from sixty to seventy euros. Working hours are from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.NirvanaNirvana

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