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Gotland area

Gotland is characterized as the largest and most diversified Danish region, and is characterized by many advantages, as it contains quiet beaches, which extend from the east coast to the west coast, in addition to the presence of hills and forests in the lake region, and Aarhus is the main city in the Gotland region, which is also The second largest Danish city.

Robberg Knudd

Ruberge Knud is one of the tourist places worth visiting in Denmark, which is a beacon located in northern Denmark, where it is located on a cliff that reaches a height of about 60 meters, and rises from the sand dunes with a height of 30 meters, and it is reported that it was built in the nineteenth century, The lighthouse has turned into a deserted area, due to its penetration into the sand due to the strong winds that blew over it over the years.

Mons Clint

The slope of Mons Klint is one of the most attractive landscapes in Denmark, with an area of ​​Cretaceous slopes of 6 square kilometers, and extending at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level, and thus it is a popular destination for thousands of tourists every year; they enjoy the green area surrounding the slopes, trees , Small lakes, steep hills, and rare plants, such as the purple orchis (Orchis purpurea), as well as the possibility of walking, or bike riding in the park (Liselund) and (Klintholm Estate), and exploring the old farm buildings dating back to the eighteenth century.

Egskov Castle

Egeskov Castle represents one of the distinctive historical places in Denmark, as it dates back to the reign of the kings and queens of the country, and it is reported that it was built for defensive purposes in 1554 AD, and the castle has hosted many noble families over the years, and since 1959 CE the castle has received every year thousands of tourists And the locals.

Other tourist places in Denmark

Denmark includes many other tourist places that can be visited, including the following:

  • Copenhagen: The Danish capital is a great place for tourists, as it contains many cultural sites, and a group of diverse neighborhoods.
  • Tivoli Gardens: It is one of the most important attractions in Denmark, and its gardens and theme park are distinguished.
  • Popular parksThere are many parks in Denmark, including (Faarup Sommerland) and (BonBon-Land).
  • Animal parks: The zoos are among the amazing sights of the country, especially those in Copenhagen and Odense.
  • Museums: Like the National Museum in the Danish capital.
  • Roskilde Cathedral: It is famous for being a decorated church of the Gothic style.

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