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Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland, which is located in the far north of it, has been occupied since the period of the Middle Stone Age, and has a varied history that includes the rule of a gull, and a long period of domination by the MacLeod and the Donald tribe, and the island is famous for its scenery Picturesque and stunning, its vibrant culture and abundant wildlife.

Vatican Museums

Pope Julius II founded the Vatican Museums in the beginning of the sixteenth century, and was expanded by the popes who followed him, and these museums contain the greatest art collections in the world, and the exhibits that span them are extended along seven kilometers of halls and corridors; such as Egyptian mummies, ancient statues, modern paintings, and from Its most prominent contents are the stunning collection of classic statues at the Museo Pio-Clementino Museum.

Greek island of Andros

The Greek island of Andros is located a short trip away by ferry from Athens, and is considered one of the most important recreational and tourist destinations in Greece. This island has managed to preserve its nature and environment for decades without any change, and its visitors can enjoy lying on the many beaches scattered throughout the day, Or visit its wonderful coastal cities like Chora.

Stefan Sveti in Montenegro

This small island is located off the coast of Montenegro, and is home to some beautiful hotels, and connects with the mainland via a narrow strip of beaches, and the coasts of the Adriatic Sea do not have more magnificent views of the island of Sveti Stefan.

Zansi Chance Windmills

The Zansi Chans windmills are located only twenty minutes by train to the north of Amsterdam, where it is famous for its green wooden houses, bridges, a museum of wooden shoes, and windmills of which only a few remain, as hundreds of them were scattered in the Zaanstreek region (English: Zaanstreek) In the Netherlands, where it was transported and collected, with the aim of historical preservation.

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