France contains many tourist attractions that attract tourists to visit and enjoy, and is characterized by the beauty of its beaches that extend to the Mediterranean Sea, as well as its majestic mountains with plains and natural landscapes that enter the heart and relax the soul with snow covering the mountains that many adore, so we will remind you of the best places Tourist located in France so you can enjoy with us and we hope you will visit it.

The best tourist places in France:

There are many tourist places in Paris that have a lot of ingredients that make them the best destination for tourists, and France is characterized by the presence of all types of weather and climate and you can go and enjoy all that is in France throughout the year.

The best tourist cities in France:

France includes many multiple cities, and in each of its cities there are many picturesque tourist attractions, which narrate French history and civilization, and therefore we will mention to you all the tourist cities that exist in France and all the tourist attractions and areas in it, in order to get to know Places to visit during your trip to France ..

First: The most important tourist places in France Paris:

Paris or as it is called the city of light and the city of love and many names, it is in the end Paris that is loved by tourists and is the capital of France and the best and most important and most beautiful tourist destinations that you can visit one day. And entertainment, as there are many important and famous museums and museums in the world. Among the most important of these tourist places in Paris are:

  • Eiffel tower.
  • Champs de alysee streest.
  • Arc de Triomphe.
  • Concorde Square.
  • Latin Quarter.
  • Paris Disney Land.
  • Paris museums.
  • Paris Gardens.
  • Paris palaces.
  • Paris Churches.

Second: The most important tourist places in France Strasbourg:

Strasbourg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in France, which represents a wonderful architectural and engineering center for us. The city of Strasbourg is famous for the magnificence of its buildings and its tourist sites that abound in it. Germany and France. “Among the most important tourist places in Strasbourg are:

  • Strasbourg Cathedral.
  • Gutenberg Square.
  • Orangery Gardens.
  • Strasbourg History Museum.
  • Chocolate Museum.
  • Museum of Modern Art.

Third: The best tourist places in Chamonix France:

Chamonix is ​​one of the highest areas in France and it is located in the east of the country and there are many mountains around it and also next to it the highest summit of the famous Alps and therefore it is considered one of the best tourist destinations that mountain lovers and skiing liked in addition to having the highest cable cars in the world and all these natural ingredients Others make it the favorite of many and one of the best tourist places in Chamonix are:

  • Chamonix Theme Park.
  • De Midi Summit.
  • Valais Blanche.
  • Mont Blanc Summit.
  • The Alpine Museum.

Fourth: The best tourist places in France, forget:

Annecy is one of the best cities in France, which enjoys many scenic landscapes and is one of the favorite cities for tourists, which helps to relax and wonderful harmony with the picturesque and charming nature, which is located near the city of Geneva, Switzerland and among the best tourist places in it are:

  • Lake Wannsee.
  • Riverlotio.
  • Europe Gardens.
  • Lover’s Bridge.
  • Mount Simnose.

Fifth: The best tourist places in France were:

The city of Cannes is one of the most famous cities that do the best international cinematic festivals, which are famous for that, which contain a lot of important tourist attractions as it is famous for its beautiful beaches and the best restaurants and cafes as it is one of the most beautiful cities of the French Riviera and among the most prominent tourist places in it are:

  • Palace of celebrations and conference hall.
  • Old Cannes.
  • La Mer Museum.
  • La Croisette Street.

Sixth: The best tourist places in France. Nice:

The city of Nice is one of the cities known to many tourists and who go to it annually to enjoy the beautiful and picturesque beaches. The city of Nice contains a lot of international hotels that help tourists spend a wonderful and enjoyable time in this city and among the most famous tourist places in it are:

  • Phoenix Park.
  • Old town.
  • Angeles park.
  • Flower Market Core Salia.

These are the cities and tourist places in France that we hope you will go to so that you can enjoy all the scenic contents of this country and cities, wonderful tourist resistances and see all museums and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and stunning scenery that exist in each city separately and this is what distinguishes France from others From the country that every city is full of what makes it a distinctive and important tourist destination that we hope you will visit.

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