The best tourist places in Georgia

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Eagle Island

Eagle Island (English: Eagle Island) has a reputation in Georgia, because it is a private island owned by a Georgian citizen called Andy Hill, and it overlooks the South Atlantic coast of Georgia, and it also represents a natural refuge away from the hustle of life, where it can be reached by boat, Note that the island occupies an area of ​​40,468,5 m 2, as many types of fish swim in its waters, and it is worth noting that there are three airports close to it.

The Bulgarian Gardens

Bellingrath Gardens are located in Alabama, which are beautiful gardens filled with evergreen trees and Spanish moss, as well as a river called The Fowl River running close to the park, which adds additional beauty to the park.

Alabama Theater

Alabama Theater was built in 1927 AD, where it was used to show films in that period, knowing that it was called (Paramount Studio), then it reopened again as a theatrical theater in the south, in 1998 AD.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanic Garden, which opened in 1976, is located in northern Georgia, and it is the most beautiful place in the city, as it receives many tourists who are interested in the world of plants; it includes many famous groups of plants, and many exhibitions are held, And great offers, and it is worth noting that the Atlanta Botanical Garden occupies an area of ​​121,405 square meters, and it should be noted that the park includes in its surroundings other gardens, such as a children’s garden, and Skyline Park.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest water basins in the United States, as it opened in the twenty-third of November of the year 2005 AD, and since its inception the basin has become a shrine for many tourists, as the number of its visitors has reached a year after It opened 3.6 million people.


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