The best tourist places in Germany

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Germany is one of the most active countries in the world in terms of tourism; due to its picturesque nature and the many activities it offers to its visitors, which includes a modern technical transportation network, which includes a number of fast trains, subways, mass transit buses, tourism institutions, hotels, guest houses and restaurants, in addition to For many recreational places such as theaters, parks, and so on. Germany has many tourist destinations, which are particularly popular with residents, and this is what we will explain in this article.

The best tourist places in Germany

There are many beautiful tourist places in Germany, here we mention some of them:

Skytrain in Germany

It is one of the most amazing trains that tourists can ride, what distinguishes it from other trains is that it does not walk on a railway on the ground, but the rails on this train were above and not below, in addition to the beautiful nature and beautiful scenes that can be seen while riding.

The port of Hamburg

Hamburg is the gateway to the world, as this is called for its beauty and splendor of places and landmarks in it, and one of the most prominent places is the port of Hamburg, which is the largest port in Germany, and the second largest port in the continent of Europe, and is located in the city center, 110 kilometers from the Alps, and this This made it one of the most attractive places for tourists, in addition to the cruise tours.

the black Forest

It is one of the most beautiful magical places that overlook the Danube, which is characterized by the picturesque green nature and the explosive springs from the ground. Kaising River and charming lakes.

Brandenburg Gate

This gate is located in the capital Berlin, and it is considered one of the most ancient and ancient monuments in Germany, it passes from eastern Germany to the west, and it is very beautiful and charming, and it passes through the most beautiful natural areas, and it contains six Doris columns that support a radial beam that reaches a depth of about 11 meters, which Divided into five lanes gate.


The state of Bavaria contains a number of tourist attractions such as palaces, churches, and ancient monasteries that are built for the Middle Ages, in addition to the huge castles that exist in it, and many ancient monuments and buildings that number more than one hundred thousand buildings, and a huge number of museums, theaters and opera houses, In general, the nature of Bavaria overwhelms all these attractions, which are considered an attraction for many tourists.


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