The best tourist places in Hong Kong

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Victoria Harbor

The Victoria Natural Port is located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, which is the largest port in China and the third largest port in the world. The port covers an area of ​​41.88 km. It also contains many islands including the Green Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the island of Tsing Station Yi, the sheltered, deep waters of the harbor, provides a haven for ships along the South China Sea.

Ocean park

In Hong Kong, Ocean Park is considered the most popular theme park in the city, where it witnessed many investments that added dozens of new games and attractions within it, which enabled it to enter the list of top ten theme parks in the Forbes classification, as the park is classified It is the best theme park in the city.

Street markets

The city of Hong Kong is crowded with bustling street markets that can be visited, as there are many stalls selling colored vessels and jewelry of all kinds. The most famous of these markets are the ladies market and the night market (in English: Temple Street Night). The largest and most enjoyable markets, in addition to the bird market, flower market and golden fish market can be visited.

Wan Chai District

Wan Chai is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Hong Kong, which can be visited to learn about the history and cultural heritage of Hong Kong. It is also possible to visit many culturally important sites including the Blue House Museum, and the Starstreet Precinct, Wan Chai Market.

clock tower

The Clock Tower is located along the Tsim Cha Tsui Promenade, overlooking the Victoria Harbor on the southern shore of Kowloon Island, and the tower was part of the Kowloon Canton Railway, and the railway station was completed in 1916 AD, and then The train and the station were transferred to the Hung Hom station in 1975 AD, and the building was demolished in 1977 AD while the tower remained the only part of the building without prejudice, and the tower was preserved as a souvenir of the steam era.


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