The best tourist places in Interlaken

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Shinji plateau

The Shinji Plateau can be reached by riding a 125-year-old historical train, and the mountain top provides an opportunity to see the most beautiful picture of Switzerland. There is a mountain alpine plant garden in the mountain that includes approximately 650 different types of mountain plants. There is also a hotel on the mountain that provides meals .

Unterseen village

The small village of Unterseen is located at the foot of Mount Harder, one of the villages that make up Interlaken. This village contains a tower dating back to the late Gothic period, green gardens, the parish church established in 1471 AD, and popular restaurants serving traditional Swiss dishes.

Hohweg Street

The Hoheweg Street is the central point of Interlaken, and it houses many souvenir shops, hotels, flower gardens, restaurants, and shops. This street meets tourists from all over the world while they are picnic or passing in horse-drawn carriages.

Reichenbach waterfall

The Rijnbach waterfall, which is 120 meters high, is the place where Sherlock Holmes challenged his enemy Moriarty to fight, which ended in his descending deep into the waterfall, and near the waterfall there are oblique mountain trails established in 1899 AD.

Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz is located on the eastern side of Interlaken, between the limestone chain of the Brenzer Grat and the Falkhorn Mountains. There are five boats from which Lake Brienz can be seen, which are the same boats that link Interlaken to the cities surrounding its wooded beaches.

Touristk Museum

The renovated Touristk Museum is located in the Jungfrau region in a beautiful wooden house dating back to the seventeenth century. It consists of three floors that display the history of tourism in the region that includes hotels, clothing, transportation, travel and skiing. The museum contains samples of early postal buses, lake riders, Railway locomotives, vehicles and historical vehicles.


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