The best tourist places in Istanbul

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Aya Sofia

The Hagia Sophia is considered one of the most important tourist places in the city of Istanbul, it is located in the Sultanahmet area, and it is considered one of the ancient monuments, and the Hagia Sophia was – in the past – a church, in the year 537 AD, then it became a mosque in 1453 CE, but now It is a museum with beautiful mosaics in it.

Qapi Brick Palace

The palace, which was established between the years 1460 AD and 1478 AD, is considered one of the most important archaeological monuments in the city, and it was classified within the UNESCO World Heritage List, in the year 1985 AD, as it was considered a center of the old Ottoman Empire, and it contains four large squares linked together; it includes The first square is a church called (Ayia Irene), and the second square represents a group of administrative buildings, while the third contains a room for the Sultan, a meeting room held by the Sultan, and a library, and it is worth noting that the museum includes a collection of precious pieces of weapons, in addition Appendix to the portraits of the Ottoman sultans inside the palace.

the blue Mosque

The mosque was founded in 1609 AD, and it is considered one of the famous monuments in Istanbul, where it contains six raised minarets, and a group of wonderful beautiful domes, as it is distinguished by the decoration of its distinctive internal walls, and its two-color floors: blue and white, in addition to that it includes the Carpet and Kilim Museum (in English) : Carpet and Kilim Museum) which is used by many visitors at the back of it.

Galata Tower

The tower is considered one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Istanbul, and the goal of its construction was the expansion of the Genoa colony located in Constantinople, and it was used – in the past – for several purposes, but now it constitutes an important tourist landmark in the region, and the tower consists of nine floors The seventh floor can be reached from the elevator, while the other two floors can be reached up to the visitors without an elevator, and the tower has a restaurant that provides a charming and picturesque view, in addition to the wonderful and charming views of the tower from the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea.


Best tourist places in Istanbul

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