The best tourist places in Italy

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Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum located in Rome is considered the largest Roman square in the world, and it is the most welcoming place for visitors.

Uffizi Gallery

The most prominent exhibition in Florence includes the largest collection of Italian Renaissance arts on the world level, the Grand Bazaar known as the Uffizi Gallery built between 1560 AD and 1580 AD with the aim of allocating it to the use of government offices at the time. The building now contains the collection left by the Medici family, and some Italian paintings Known among them are the personal paintings drawn by Piero della Francesca for the Duke and Duchess of Urbino, as well as a room filled with the masterpieces of Sandro Botticelli.

Valley of the temples

The Valley of the Temples is located in Sicily specifically on a hill near the city of Agrigento, and its history dates back to 450 BC, and contains the remains of seven temples dating back to that, and is considered the largest archaeological site in the world.

Venice channels

Venice, which is known as the floating city, was built on more than 100 different islands connected to each other through bridges, and the best way to travel between them is by boat.

The Royal Palace of Caserta

The royal palace built in the eighteenth century is located in the city of Caserta located in the southern parts of Italy, and has gained its importance and great fame for being the residence of the Bourbon Kings in Naples in the past, in addition to its large area of ​​235,000 square meters that made it the largest royal residence in the world, It was also added to the list of the World Heritage in the year 1997 AD, which is the tenth most visited tourist destination in Italy.


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