The best tourist places in January

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Lake Louise and the town of Banff

Lake Louise and Banff are located in the Canadian region of Alberta, and it is one of the most preferred tourist destinations during the month of January, as the region is famous for the Ice Magic Festival, which was held during the period from 17 to 27 of January in the year 2020 AD, where the sculptures displayed in an international ice sculpture competition are numerous, and the town surrounded by rocky mountains is characterized by its nature covered with snow, which allows the tourist to enjoy watching it by riding gondolas in the lake, in addition to the possibility of skiing .

Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands located in the Scottish Lerwick region are considered one of the best tourist areas in January, during which the Viking Heritage Festival is called, and it is called the Up Helly Aa Festival. The celebration also includes a number of activities; This is in addition to serving the popular Shetland meal, prepared from marinated meat with salt water, and dried on wooden boards mounted on fire burning with peat.


January is one of the best times to visit Barcelona. This month is characterized by its drought and its lack of rain, which allows tourists to enjoy discovering the city’s landmarks and its artistic architectural buildings, such as the Gothic Quarter, and various architectural features.


London is one of the costly European cities, however it is preferable for tourists to visit during January, as tourism during this month is characterized by cheap prices, and there are many activities that can be done in London during the cold weather in January, such as attending shows Covent Garden Theater, shop at Oxford Street supermarkets, or visit trendy restaurants for a warmth in the body.

Uganda’s forests

The African forest of Uganda is one of the most preferred areas for tourism during the month of January. Then, she left in April.


The winter wilderness of Poland is one of the tourist destinations that are recommended to visit during the month of January, as it is considered one of the rich environments of deers, bison, and wolves, which can be followed by tourists in the snow.


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