The best tourist places in Jeddah

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We show you through this article the most important tourist attractions that exist in the city of Jeddah, which is one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the city of Jeddah includes many tourist places that attract many who come to see those wonderful places and enjoy spending a fun time in them.

The most famous tourist places in Jeddah:

First: The Floating Mosque:

The floating mosque is one of the attractions of the city of Jeddah, where the mosque is the unique of its kind, where the floating mosque is the first mosque built on the surface of the water.
The Floating Mosque is distinguished by its unique and unique design, as it was designed to float above the water and many distinctive lights were added to it, which give it a wonderful and attractive view.

Floating Mosque Specifications:

  • The floating mosque is distinguished by the presence of a group of domes, which number more than fifty-two domes, including a magnificent view and unique design.
  • The floating mosque is also characterized by the presence of a group of umbrellas on which some writings on the outside, as well as on the inside and some Qur’anic verses.
  • The mosque also has a set of multiple windows that allow air and sunlight to pass through the mosque as well.

Second: Home Arts Museum:

The Home Arts Museum is one of the most distinguished museums in the city of Jeddah, and it is considered one of the most tourist attractions in the city, due to the museum’s feet.

Contents of the Home Arts Museum:

  • The museum houses many ancient artifacts dating back more than seventy years.
  • The museum also contains many different and many sculptures of the various landmarks of the Kingdom, among which are the Two Holy Mosques and the Prophet’s Mosque.
  • The museum also contains many old clothes, some ceramics and mural works, and the museum has the first covering of the Kaaba.
  • The museum also has a host of other various works, such as Andalusian-style bedrooms.

Third: Bab Makkah:

Bab Makkah is one of the most important ancient monuments of the city of Jeddah, as it is one of the very ancient places in the city, and it is located in a region full of life.

What to do at Bab Makkah:

  • You can shop through the many sellers located in that area, who carry many different and varied goods.
  • You can also visit many ancient monuments and touristic sites located at Bab Makkah, among which is the Shafi’i Mosque.

Fourth: Fakieh Aquarium:

The Jeddah Aquarium is one of the places that is considered one of the most tourist attractions in the city of Jeddah, as it is one of the first water cities that were designed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, and the Aquarium is located on the Corniche of Jeddah, so it is easily accessible.

Contents of Fakieh Aquarium:

  • The aquarium includes many different marine creatures, such as fish and some other creatures that can only be seen here.
  • There is also a dedicated section in the Jeddah Aquarium in which many dolphins, as well as sea dogs, are held, as well as the possibility of swimming with the dolphin.
  • The Aquarium also includes a section for ski lovers, where skiing can be practiced through the hall.
  • The Aquarium also has a section devoted to the practice of many electronic games, which are available for many favorite games for children.

Fifth: King Fahad’s Fountain:

The King Fahd Fountain is among the attractions of the tourist city of Jeddah, where the fountain is one of the most important attractions in the city, and it is considered one of the highest fountains that were established in Jeddah, where the establishment of the fountain dates back to one thousand nine hundred and eighty AD.

Entertainment at the King Fahd Fountain:

  • You can enjoy walking on the promenade, watching the fountain, and listening to the sound of the fountain and the wonderful waters.
  • You can also enjoy watching the fountain in the evening, which includes the scenic view because of the lights in it.
  • You can also sit in a restaurant next to the fountain, and watch the fountain while eating.

Sixth: Waterfall Games City:

The waterfall games city is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Jeddah, as the city includes many different games that suit all family members.

Entertainment ways within Al Shallal city:

  • You can enjoy spending quality time by trying the death train, which is considered one of the most exciting and interesting games.
  • The city also includes many multiplayer games, equipped with the latest modern technology.
  • The city also includes an area dedicated to ski lovers, which guarantees a pleasant time in the city.
  • You can also enjoy the many scenic views of the city, including the lake view as well as the artificial waterfall.
  • As for if you are a fan of eating distinctive Arabic food, the city also contains a group of restaurants that offer delicious dishes in addition to providing family sessions with distinguished services for all the family and eating in an atmosphere full of joy and joy.

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