Jordan has become a leading tourist destination in the Arab world, with tourists from all parts of the world flocking to it, because of its great diversity in destinations and tourist activities that suit all tastes and ages.

If you are planning a family trip nearby, you will find a group of the best tourist places in Jordan for families

Sea Guard & Yasmena Boat

One of the best tourist places in Jordan for families located in Aqaba, and it is a place for diving that allows you to enjoy the charming waters of the Red Sea, with a small fleet of comfortable boats well equipped. The place provides daily diving activities, and also allows those interested to dive at night. Meals and various foods are available on the boat along with refreshing drinks. You can also rent out all of the diving gear, so all you have to do is be adventurous, fun and fun.Sea Guard & Yasmena Boat Read also: The most beautiful recreational place for children in Amman, Jordan

Ahlan Aqaba Scuba Diving Center

Another destination in Aqaba is concerned with diving, due to Jordan’s wonderful waters and enchanting marine life. The Ahlan Aqaba Dive Center takes you on an unparalleled tour around the Red Sea’s menstrual cycle, to enjoy its warm waters, picturesque coral reefs, and aquatic life that you may not be able to see anywhere else.Ahlan Aqaba Scuba Diving Center

Wadi Rum Nomads

Wadi Rum Numads provides daily tours around Wadi Rum, so that you and your family can enjoy watching these picturesque rocks of red color, along with camel rides and wandering. Just bring your camera, and enjoy an unforgettable tour.Wadi Rum Nomads Read also: Best entertainment places for families in Amman, Jordan

Berenice Beach Club

Another tourist destination on the southern coast of the country, and classified as one of the best tourist places in Jordan for families, where you can enjoy a distinctive coastal stay with luxurious service. Located five hundred meters above the waterfront, this resort features three swimming pools with fresh water that allow you to enjoy the distinctive atmosphere of Jordan. You can head to dive to the beach near it, or book one of the diving lessons that the resort offers before going, if you are a beginner. It also provides delicious local food, international dishes with three different areas for food, and also provides a menu for children.Berenice Beach Club

South Beach

Open to the public, the beach is one of the most popular destinations for locals. You can head to the beach to enjoy refreshing water, or take a simple picnic by mixing with this friendly people. In addition to participating in one of the activities offered by the beach such as boating, skydiving, and surfing.South Beach

Lawrence’s Spring

Lawrence Fountain is one of the best tourist places in Jordan for families located in the charming valley of the moon, and it was named after that Lawrence of Arabia, who described this oasis with his book. You can head to those springs by four-wheel drive vehicles, or on foot. It is an oasis of flowing water that flows into these springs, creating a breathtaking, breathtaking view. You can enjoy swimming, or just lie down and watch this amazing view.Lawrence’s Spring

Wadi al-Mujib

Away from the water and beach activities, you can enjoy a stroll through the Wadi Mujib Valley, to see another natural side of the enchanting Jordan. It is a nature reserve that surrounds the river path, which flows in the Dead Sea. You can do this excursion alone, but there are some places that need a guide, so be careful. The garden gives you a life jacket where some places need to swim due to the high water level in the valley. The narrow between the Dead Sea and waterfalls, and some of them need to climb, so prevents young, children from hiking near the narrow valley.Wadi al-Mujib

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