Kerala is one of the most famous Indian cities, because it is one of the cities that enjoy a great deal of beauty and attractiveness, because of its distinctive location, which is located on the sea coast, as well as the Indian Ocean, and Kerala has a large number of distinctive tourist attractions, and some landmarks Natural, which we will get to know together through this article, so keep track of us.

Best Tourist Places in Kerala:

First: Thekkady District:

The Thekkady is one of the most important tourist attractions in Kerala, because it is one of the places where there is a picturesque landscape, which is a large reserve, which includes large numbers of plants and animals, and the most important characteristic of Thekkady are:

  • Thekkady region includes a tiger reserve, which is located near the famous Periyar River, and that name is named after the river. The reserve includes a large number of tigers, elephants, and some other wild species of animals such as deer, elephants and squirrels.
  • Thekkady also has many stunning scenery, as there is a large artificial lake, which many elephants and deer play in that lake in an attractive and charming view.
  • Also in Thekkady there is a group of gardens, among which is the Spice Garden, which includes many different and famous types of spices in India.
  • There are also many boats in the Thekkady area, from which you can take a tour of the river and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes in the area.

Second: Munnar City:

Munnar city is one of the most beautiful areas that can be visited during your trip to Kerala, because it is one of the attractive tourist places, along with a large number of scenic landscapes, and the most important activities that can be done in the city of Munnar are:

  • Munnar can be enjoyed by visiting Eravikulam, which is one of the most famous tourist places, because it includes many different types of distinctive animals, as it includes some types of animals threatened with extinction, along with a large number of butterflies, birds and other types.
  • The city of Munnar also includes a large number of distinctive natural waterfalls, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, among which is the Lakam Waterfall, which is a very important part of Iravikulam Park.
  • One of the most important ways to enjoy the city of Munnar is to visit the park located in it, which has many scenic landscapes, because it contains vast areas of greenery, as well as some types of migratory birds and distinctive butterflies.
  • The city also includes one of the most important museums, which is the Tea Museum, which has many different types of tea, and any type of tea can be bought some to get to know more about it and its advantages and benefits by visiting that museum.

Third: Santa Cruz Cathedral:

The Santa Cruz Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in Kerala, and it is one of the places that attract many visitors throughout the year, and the most important features of Santa Cruz Cathedral:

  • The cathedral houses a large number of towers, which also includes a distinctive architectural design, in addition to the white color that made it with a distinctive and attractive view.
  • The Santa Cruz Cathedral also includes the two towers, which can provide enjoyment for its visitors, by climbing to these two towers, through which the famous sights of Kerala are viewed in a magical view.

Fourth: the city of Kochi:

The city of Kochi is one of the most important tourist attractions in Kerala, because it includes many attractive attractions, and the most important means of entertainment found in the city of Kochi are:

  • The city has a distinctive beach, which is Fort Kochi Beach and is one of the most beautiful beaches in India.
  • The city has a promenade from which to walk and enjoy the magnificent sea view.
  • One of the ways to enjoy the city is to take a tour through traditional boats, which lasts for several hours, through which the city and some villages next to the canals are seen.
  • There is also a special museum in the same area, through which there are many audio and visual presentations, through which the history of Kerala can be known over the past two thousand years.
  • There are also entertainment ways for children in the city, as the city includes a place for games, which is the city of Uncle Johnny Drive, which has many distinctive entertainment games, which are suitable for children.

Fifthly: Varkala Beach:

Varkala Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Kerala, it is located in the Varkala region, which is located in the south of Kerala, and the most important features of Varkala beach are the following:

  • There are many water sports that can be played on the distinctive blue-water beach, among which are swimming, surfing, as well as diving.
  • Around the beach there are many shops, which include many different goods for visitors.

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