Parents are looking for the best tourist places in Kuwait for children, in the summer holidays to enjoy a happy vacation with their children before the start of the new school year, so today we will offer you a group of the best tourist places for children in Kuwait where you can go there. You should be concerned and confused about choosing the best entertainment places for children who always need to play and have fun and do the fun activities that drive them boredom and give them happiness and fun.

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Tourist places in Kuwait for children

Khiran Resort

Khiran Resort. On a busy weekend, and on various summer holidays, we always need to focus, stimulate the mind and body, and restore vigor and vitality, and for this we advise you to visit Khiran Resort which is located in the famous Khiran neighborhood, about 120 km from Kuwait City. The Khiran Resort is one of the places Tourist suitable for children in Kuwait, where it contains a lot of fun activities and stunning natural scenery, Khiran Resort is located on the shore of the Arabian Gulf Sea and contains 236 luxurious and equipped chalets, you can stay there with your children or make them enjoy playing in the video games center and bowling hall And many other games.
The resort also allows children to play swimming and relax or play tennis, football, volleyball and basketball, as well as you can rent the small boats that number 250 in the resort to enjoy hiking and seeing the most beautiful scenery. The resort also offers children the possibility to rent bikes and enjoy horse riding, in addition to the presence of many cafes that offer hot drinks and some snacks.

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Entertainment City
Entertainment City, Entertainment City is located in Doha, about 20 km from Kuwait City, and the city of entertainment is one of the huge tourist places suitable for children that you can spend a full day of fun and fun in it. The Entertainment City is located near the seventh ring road and offers a lot One of the entertainment means for families and children, this city was established in 1984 and it is located on an area of ​​one million square meters, and it offers a full range of amusement games, also includes Gulf marine boats and horse riding. Not only that, but there are a lot of entertainment services and restaurants that provided meals a For quick and cafes as there is a large mosque for prayer, it is an integrated entertainment city where children enjoy playing with family and friends.

Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait Zoo, Kuwait Zoo is one of the amusement tourist places for children, families often go to visit them with their children who enjoy seeing different types of beautiful and rare animals, and there are different types of birds of wonderful shapes. The Kuwait Zoo attracts many local residents And expatriates, the garden has been renewed and appropriate repairs made to preserve it and add more entertainment facilities, and a lot of new animals have been brought to the park, which made it one of the most unique tourist areas for children. Your child has a nice picnic and a special day, as the park is spacious and clean, so you can spend a wonderful time with family and friends.

Kuwait Kids Camp

The children's camp is located in the Marina Hotel and welcomes children from 3 years to 12 years old, as well as young people from 13 years to 15 years old, and the camp provides children with many exciting recreational activities. There are also many games and sports in which children find their own pleasure such as Rowing, swimming, water sports, art, cooking, martial arts and many other activities that develop children's hobbies and motivate them to work, innovation and creativity.

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Green Island

Green Island, Green Island is definitely nothing better than doing leisure activities and outdoor games amidst the wonderful gardens and landscapes, and you will find everything your children need in the green island that has a large children's playground. There are also trains and bicycles that can be rented, and you can also practice Running with your children or enjoying an outdoor picnic along the shore of the Arabian Gulf. You can spend a few hours exploring the beauty of the green island, and many people flock to this island on the weekend for walks, playing fun games and eating delicious meals in the city. There are more general.

Paintball Kuwait

Paintball Kuwait Colors is a special pleasure that you will only find in the color balls area in Kuwait that provides children the ability to play with colors in a virtual war to unleash colors on friends and family. Where children feel like they are in an exciting entertainment war, it is a wonderful place suitable for children of all Ages It is divided into several different sections for beginners and professionals.

Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skating Rink Are you looking for a place to spend a hot summer day with your kids in Kuwait? Do you want to discover a fun place for children to find fun and entertainment? So we advise you to visit the skating hall in Kuwait, as it is a suitable and attractive place for all sports enthusiasts. The skating hall in Kuwait is the first of its kind in the Gulf region and the Middle East in general, and this hall was built in 1980 and completely renovated after it was badly damaged during the invasion Iraqi in 1990. It is a large arena with a large size of up to 1800 square meters, and there are other small halls and the place is completely cooled, which leads to freezing the water of the circuit and becomes available for skiing. Various ski equipment and public facilities are rented or purchased From the internal store, you can also use a Your ski luggage, The ski lounges include a shoe changing area, first aid facilities and a small café for various drinks. The ice rink opens its doors every day except on Saturday, from eight and a half in the morning until ten in the evening daily, and do not forget to carry clothes Warm to yourself and your children, especially babies, because the temperature is too low inside.

Hawally Park

Hawalli Park, Hawally Park Hawalli Park is located in the center of Kuwait City, approximately two miles from Al Shaab Theme Park, and that park was opened to the public in 2004 AD and because it is a government park it has no entrance fees, and there is a private library in the park that contains a variety There are books, computers, a set of pens, travel equipment and educational toys that suit all ages. The garden also includes a restaurant, gift shops, children's clothing, accessories store, perfume store and photo studio. There are also various areas dedicated to play where there are a lot of Games favored by children and enjoy playing them at all times.

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