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Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Sky Langkawi Bridge, which is 700 meters above sea level, can be reached by riding the Langkawi Cable Car Station, then enjoy the cool breeze on a curved pedestrian bridge of 125 meters in length, overlooking the green landscape of Gunung Matt Cincang, Telga Tuju Waterfalls and other The islands surrounding Langkawi, a sturdy bridge with a double steel fence and closed wire mesh, and two triangular platforms, where 250 people can relax and enjoy at the same time.

Tlajah Tuju Falls

It is a series of rocks of fresh water located at the top of one of the inner waterfalls in the Pantai Cook area, and it is thus a wonderful and refreshing alternative to enjoying water from the ocean. Going to it is easy it takes 10 minutes from walking through the rainforests until you reach the wells in the upper part From the waterfalls, where there is a group of swimming pools filled with refreshing and cold mountain water, surrounded by thick forest, and overlooks the wonderful sights of the island.

Other places in Langkawi

There are also many attractions in Langkawi, including:
  • Marine life exhibition: The giant aquarium is located at the southern end of Pantai Chenang from the island, and it is one of the most inland areas that attract tourists on the island, it is a great way to see marine life without diving underwater, especially for families in sunny or cloudy environments.
  • The famous 3D exhibitionThe 3D Art and Visual Illusions Gallery is the second largest 3D museum in the world, and contains 100 interactive pieces of art within the Paradise Museum, which can be seen within an hour and enjoy impressive artwork that enables a person to capture exciting and creative pictures.

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