The best tourist places in Majorca

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Al-Qoudia town

Al-Qoudia is considered one of the most famous towns with its picturesque natural scenery in Mallorca, surrounded by lush green areas of pine forests, this medieval town is famous for its walls and wonderful historical monuments, in addition to its ancient festivals and folk food, and Al-Qoudiya is located within walking distance From the sea, it was a fortified area to protect from pirates who were a threat during the Middle Ages.

Botanical gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Mallorca showcases a large group of Aloe Vera plants from all over the world, as these Botanical Gardens are designed to encourage the growth of cacti, as they were supported with terraces and artificial sidewalks in order to protect the plants from the wind, and these gardens also contain a section dedicated to the original plants in Mallorca , Many tropical plants, and bamboo fields.

Palma Cathedral

Palma Cathedral (English: Catedral de Mallorca) is a major tourist attraction in Mallorca, famous for its large size and outstanding beauty, in addition to its interior design that shows the Gothic style, and was designed by Anthony Gaudi, and the famous contemporary artist Mikel Barcelona.

Santuri de Leuk

Santestre de Lluc Church (English: Monestir de Lluc) dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and this church is famous for its fortified garden and majestic exterior courtyard, in addition to the presence of a statue of the Virgin and Christ in the altar room. This church witnessed a restoration decorated in Baroque style in the early Twentieth century.

The town of Vadimosa

The town of Vidimusa is located between the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, and is famous for its historic charm, as the town is filled with pedestrian streets and buildings with distinctive ancient stone facades, and the mountain region is famous for many luxurious plants, and tourists can enjoy the beaches and bays near the slopes The town, especially the port of Vidimusa, which looks like a small fishing village, eating fresh seafood at local restaurants.


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