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The National Football Museum

The National Football Museum is located inside a glass building formerly known as “Urbis”. This building is located inside the cathedral gardens on Todd Street in the city center, where the place provides football fans with the opportunity to enjoy this sport And also learn about the events of England winning the World Cup, and the museum contains the United Mann Stadium known as “Old Trafford” (English: Old Trafford). Walk around, enjoy playground shows The Sports Museum, which is the largest in the world.

Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall includes the Clock Tower, which is one of the best landmarks in the United Kingdom, as it features a different engineering design, and includes a group of murals, ceilings decorated with patterns, and iconic bee mosaic, and it is worth noting that this building is A model of modern Gothic architecture.

Manchester Chinatown

The Chinatown in Manchester is distinguished (Celebrate Chinese New Year), as it is the largest Chinese spot in Europe, and the neighborhood includes many restaurants that offer Chinese, Japanese, and Thai meals, and it has a role for Chinese cinema as well, and on the 16-18 of the month February An annual festival is held in the neighborhood to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which includes many food shows and professions, amid the hustle and bustle of the city in Albert Square, Market Street and Stock Exchange Square.

The Manchester stand

The Manchester platform (Railfan Observation Deck) is an aesthetic landmark in the city, as it takes a position overlooking the trains that cross back and forth Manchester Square (English: Manchester Yard), and also oversees two tables of water, which makes the place convenient for taking pictures, and enjoy Sights surrounding.

Art exhibitions

Manchester has many attractions, as well as a number of museums and art galleries, including:

  • Whitworth Art Gallery: The Whitworth Art Gallery is one of the best tourist attractions in Manchester, allowing the visitor to see the wonderful modern arts. This exhibition is located on Oxford Rd. It includes a group of amazing panoramic scenes.
  • Manchester Art Gallery: The Manchester Art Gallery is one of the tourist attractions that give the visitor the opportunity to enjoy exhibitions that include exhibitions of international artists, and to enter them for free. These offers include a collection of arts, paintings, and costumes.

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