The best tourist places in Manila

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The city of Manila is the capital of the State of the Philippines, it was founded in the sixteenth century, and it took great importance throughout history as it was one of the important commercial centers on the banks of the Pasig River, which serves commercial interests between Asia and Europe, Latin America and Africa, and the Mexicans were trading silver in exchange for silk and spices from China.

The best tourist places in Manila

The city of Manila has many unique tourist sites and architectural designs that show the culture that it has gone through in history. We will show the following the most important tourist sites in the city of Manila, namely:

St. Augustine Museum

The St. Augustine Museum is considered one of the tourist places in Manila, and it was at the foot of a monastery serving the Augustinians.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is considered one of the attractive tourist places in the city of Manila, and this museum is known for its various artistic works that mix the present and the past. The museum contains four halls, one for contemporary art, the second for architectural design work, and the third for architectural design work and the last for fashion work. Golden is in the basement of it.

The city of Intramuros

The city of Intramuros is considered one of the best tourist places that embody Spanish architecture and the history of the Spanish occupation in Manila, surrounded by a large wall and possessing a distinct church.

Rizal Park

One of the attractive national parks in Manila is the Rizal Park, which attracts many tourists as it owns many different buildings such as the Philippine National Museum, National Library, Planetarium, Quirino Grandstand, Manila Ocean Park, Chinese and Japanese parks and many other various attractions.


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