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Marrakech city

The city of Marrakech is considered one of the best tourist places in Morocco, it is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, and it is distinguished by its ancient history, and it provides multiple tourist attractions such as the Saadian tombs, Al-Badi Palace, and others. Jamaâ El Fna Square, shopping, getting spices, handcrafted jewelry, and more.

Fas city

Fez is considered the capital of Morocco during the medieval period, and for more than 400 years, it is still considered an important religious and cultural center in the country, and the ancient walled city of the city, known as Fez El-Bali, was established in the ninth century, and is recognized by UNESCO for the historical importance For the architecture of the Idrisid dynasty, it is also possible to explore the features it contains on foot, such as Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, the university linked to the mosque, and others.

White House

The city of Casablanca is considered one of the distinctive tourist places in Morocco, it is the largest Moroccan city, and it is the main industrial zone in the country, and perhaps the most important attractions in the city is the new Medina district, which is crowded with attractive French architecture, as well as the Hassan II Mosque, which is the third The largest mosque in the world, and the largest mosque in the north of the African continent.

The city of Essaouira

The city of Essaouira is distinguished as a favorite place for travelers, as the city has witnessed many visits, and also provides visitors with the possibility of many activities such as surfing, hiking on its beaches, shopping, and enjoying the wind.

Ibn Youssef School

Ibn Youssef School is one of the main attractions in Morocco, especially in the city of Marrakesh, where it reflects the history of ancient Morocco through education, and this school was the largest school in North Africa, and was dedicated to the teaching of Islamic law, and it stopped doing that since the fourteenth century, which is Now as a distinctive tourist attraction, visitors can explore more than a hundred small class rooms without windows, and can enjoy their architecture, which is the grand courtyard until the decorated prayer halls.

Other tourist places in Morocco

There are many distinctive tourist places in Morocco, including the following:

  • Mount Toubkal, which is the highest mountain peak in northern Africa.
  • The city of Meknes.
  • Dadas Valley.
  • Tanja city.
  • Authentic area.

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