The best tourist places in Moscow

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The Kremlin

The Kremlin is one of the best tourist attractions in the Russian capital, Moscow, where visitors can visit the Cathedral Square and the Kaiser Tower and Palace once entering the Kremlin, and they are one of the most important fixed memorials that indicate the greatness of the history of Russia, in addition to the Amory Museum Amory Museum), which contains many precious holdings dating back to the empire, such as royal silver-clad clothing and gilt carriages.

Red Square

The Red Square is located just outside the northeastern square of the Kremlin, where its sides are about 400 x 150 meters of gravel, and it was also considered a square for merchants in the past, and a place for executions, and a visit to the square provides a view of the changing of the guards in the Eternal Flame, and the visit of Vladimir Lenin’s tomb (in English: Lenin’s Tomb).

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil Church is one of the most prominent landmarks in the Red Square in the Russian capital, Moscow, and its construction dates back to the period between 1555 and 1561 AD on the orders of the First Russian Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, and the church is distinguished by its colors and patterns, and it is preferred to visit at night , Where they are well lit, which allows visitors to see them in a unique way.

Other tourist places in Moscow

Moscow contains many other tourist places, including the following:

  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts The Pushkin Museum of Art is the first museum in Moscow, divided into three branches, and featuring a wide range of European works including masterpieces of ancient civilizations, the Italian Renaissance, and the Dutch Golden Age.
  • State History Museum: It is located at the northern end of the Red Square, and it includes a large group that covers Russian history from the Stone Age period. The museum building dating back to the late nineteenth century and designed in the Russian Renaissance style is one of the most important tourist attractions in Moscow.
  • Victory Park: The park is a memorial to the Great Patriotic War known as World War II, which caused heavy losses in Russia.


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