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Tourist places in Penang

There are many tourist places worth visiting in Beyang, including the following:

  • Georgetown The city is the historical center of the World Heritage site, and it is a wonderful place, and can be walked around.
  • China Town: This place, which reflects the authentic Chinese lifestyle, can be visited by viewing its houses, shopping places and temples.
  • Cornwallis Fort: This fort is distinguished by its ruins.
  • State Art Gallery at Diwan Sri Penang: It contains exhibitions of famous Malaysian artists.
  • Kick Look Sea Temple: It is the largest Buddhist temple located in the southeastern part of Asia.
  • Tropical Spice Garden: This garden contains 100 species of spice trees, and a large number of other exotic plants.
  • Other tourist attractions: It includes butterfly garden, tropical fruit farm, snake temple, war museum, Penang bird park, etc.
  • Penang Hill: This hill is 6 km from George Town, on Penang Island, and close to the Malaysian West Coast.
  • The strange Penang snake temple.

Note: The best time to visit Penang is the month of December and January, when the weather is less humid, and in these two months it rains.

Penang National Park

Penang National Park is one of the tourist places that can be visited in Penang, and this park is a habitat for sea turtles to live, and it is a distinguished place for marine beaches that can be visited and wandered within a day or two, and there are two main paths to reach the white sandy beaches, as well as access to the turtle reserve, The park also contains a canopy pass, a pass that allows lucky visitors to see life from over the canopy of the jungle.

Strait of Malacca Mosque

The Strait of Malacca Mosque is located on the human-made island of Malacca, and the mosque is distinguished by its beauty and splendor. The mosque reflects the image of architecture, Islamic, and Malaysian style in a unique style, and distinctive interiors. It is worth noting that the mosque appears in a way that makes it float, when its water levels rise, and also contains The mosque is on a prayer hall, library, and also a place for teaching.

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