The best tourist places in Prague

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the National Museum

This museum is the largest museum in the Czech Republic, and it includes a wide range of minerals, animal specimens, and many historical materials related to the history of Czechoslovakia, and ethnographic materials, and its main building is located on the top of Wenceslas Square, and has many small buildings scattered around the city, which is The oldest museum in the Czech Republic, and its establishment dates back to the early eighties of the nineteenth century, before being moved to its current location in 1891 AD.

Prague Castle

This castle is located in an elevated area of ​​the city, and is a complex made up of a group of buildings, and not just a single defensive building, and it consists of a royal palace, a cathedral, three churches, basilica, monastery, defensive tower, royal stables, a small alley, gardens Wonderful, it was in the ninth century AD is a wooden castle, and dirt barriers, and then included the royal palace in the eleventh century, and then included St. Vitus Cathedral in the fourteenth century, which is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture.

Charles Bridge

This tower is considered one of the oldest towers in the continent of Europe, where its construction dates back to 1357 AD, and it includes 32 distinct sites along its length of 621 AD. The statues of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and Emperor John Nepomuk are among the most prominent ancient statues in it, and it provides a wonderful view On the Vltava River, and the Gothic gates, surrounded by three towers, and the number of Baroque statues along its length is 30.

Prague astronomical clock

This clock is considered the oldest astronomical clock in the world. It is still operating today. It is located in the Old Town Square in Prague, and dates back to 1410 AD. It was partially destroyed during the Second World War, and it was repaired until it regained its original status. It is currently displaying time and phases Sun, moon, and planetary motion in the sky.


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