The best tourist places in Puncak

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Taman Safari Park

Taman Safari Park is located in Cisarua, where visitors can enjoy the park’s safari trips during the night and day hours, hiking in the large zoo, animal exhibits, wildlife center, bird park, city the games.

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Gunung Mas Tea gives its visitors an opportunity to see how tea is made directly from the farm to the factory and to the tea shops. It is also possible to enjoy hot and homemade tea samples, and take advantage of the rides offered there.

Dragon Waterfall

Dragon Waterfall is a suitable place for adventure lovers, who want to ride boats and enjoy the spirit of adventure and risk, as pure water flows from the waterfall surrounded by many difficult terrain and steep slopes, and it is indicated that it rises to about 100 meters from the ground, The adventurers must pass another waterfall, then ride the boats across a 100-meter-long river to reach it.

Colorful lake

The colorful lake is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Puncak, which is famous for its picturesque nature and its unique beauty, due to the constant change in its color, at times it can change its color to seven colors due to the reflection of life The surrounding plant contains its water, and the area surrounding the lake contains many birds and animals, and despite the beauty of the lake, it is not possible to swim and dive in it, and a fine is imposed on whoever does this.

flowers Garden

The flower garden contains a large number of beautiful types of beautiful flowers gathered from different parts of the world, in addition to the presence of a different group of plants, such as cold climate plants, and tropical plants. The garden was opened in September 1995 AD, and it is indicated that it covers an area of ​​about 141,639 meters Square.


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